45-50x KVM X PS/2 MM ST/SC

45-50x KVM X PS/2 MM ST/SC
Features 45-50x KVMX PS/2 MM ST/SC R3
• From 640x480 up to 1280x1024 @75Hz.
• Up to 2km link distance in multimode fiber.
• Auto detection of VGA resolution and distance.
• Keyboard, Mouse and Serial/COM.
• 19” mounting with only 200mm depth or wall / table mounting.
Optical Interfaces
The optical interfaces uses standard SC or ST connectors for multi mode fiber.
Video Interfaces
The video (VGA) interface is a standard 15 pin high density female D-sub.
Keyboard, Mouse and Serial.
Keyboard and mouse are connected with Mini-DIN PS/2 connectors. Serial/
COM has a 15 pin D-sub interface.
FS17037 Datasheet 45-50x KVMX PS/2 MM ST/SC R4
In the transmitter the video signal is detected, ranged and transmitted
using a high linearity circuit at one fiber per color. At the receiver end the
signal is auto adjusted for correct black level and color balance/saturation.
The three fibers carrying the video must be of the same length (cable path).
The keyboard, mouse and serial data are transmitted on a separate fiber
pair that can be of different length (cable path).
The 45-50x Keyboard Video Mouse eXtender link enables the computer
to be located at a far distance (up to 2000m) from the video monitor and
attached keyboard, mouse and peripherals without sacrificing the highest
quality and resolution.
The 45-50x KVMX link is particular suited for industry environments where
the operator needs to be close to the process or the computers can’t
be fitted near the operator due to heat, dust, space constraints or other
The fiber optic transmission media is besides its quality loss less
transmission an insurance against ground currents and different voltage
potentials between the computer and the operator. The fiber also enables
installations in environments of sever electromagnetic disturbance.
Fibersystem AB
Tel +46 8 564 828 80
Gårdsfogdevägen 18B
Fax +46 8 28 33 50 S-168 66 Bromma, Sweden
The 45-50x product are a part of a
wide product family of KVMX links
and fiber optic data communication
over fiber.
Fibersystem also offer many related
products like interface, speed and
protocol converters, Teleprotection
modems and multiplexers,
Asynchronous Modems and 19” Rack
Based Interface Conversion.
The 45-50x products has been tested
and approved to be used with the
product lines from ABB Automation
Fibersystem AB is an inventive
Swedish company who since 1982 has
been working with the application of
fibreoptic technology in the delivery
of solutions fulfilling the Customers’
multitude of needs.
E-mail: contact@fibersystem.se
VAT SE556606432501
45-50x KVMX PS/2 MM ST/SC
Technical data
Fiber optic link - Video, RGB
Fiber optical connector
Optical system budget
Typical distance
ST, 45-507. SC, 45-508
7dB in multimode fiber 62.5/125um
0,5 to 2km. Depending on type of fiber and video bandwidth. Chromatic dispersion on fiber can reduce picture quality at distances over 0,5km
Fiber optic link - Keyboard, Mouse, Serial
Fiber optical connector
ST, 45-507. SC, 45-508
Optical system budget
10dB in multimode fiber 62.5/125um
Typical distance
Fiber optic protokoll
Fibersystem proprietary
Galvanic interface - Video
Amplitude Synchronization
640x480 pixels up to 1280x1024pixels up to 75Hz. Video bandwidth up to 77MHz
0 - 0.7V @ 75 Ohm
Vertical- and Horizontal synchronization, 5V TTL
HD15 male. (High Density D-sub, 15-pin)
Galvanic interface Keyboard, Mouse, Serial
Keyboard and Mouse
PS/2 Mini-DIN.
Serial D-sub 9 pin. Male at monitorside and female at computerside.
Power Supply
Power consumption
120V DC to 300V DC
85VAC to 264VAC 47−440 Ηz
IEC 320, 3 pin
Temperature range
Relative humidity Operating, +10 to +40 C. Storage, 0 to +70 C
Operating, 5 to 95 % . Storage, 5 to 95 % non condensing
Compliance Safety
EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4, EN55022
EN 60950
Dimensions and Weight
Physical size Weight Heigth 45 mm, Width 483 mm (Without brackets 380mm), Depth 173 mm
3 kg
Ordering information
Product number
Fibersystem AB
Tel +46 8 564 828 80
Gårdsfogdevägen 18B
Fax +46 8 28 33 50 S-168 66 Bromma, Sweden
E-mail: contact@fibersystem.se
VAT SE556606432501
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