two-way passive touring speaker
10” two-way passive touring speaker |
Power Handling
Nominal Impedance
Average Sensitivity
Calculated Maximum SPL / 1m
97 dB @ 1w/1m
122 dB continuous
125 dB
127 dB
Frequency Response (-6dB)
55 - 18500 Hz
Manufacturing Consistency
± 3 dB from 200 to 10,000 Hz
Nominal Directivity (-6dB)
80° x 50°
Recommended Amplifier
≤ 600 w @ 8Ω
Recommended Low Cut
Full Range:
With Sub:
Preset EQ’s
300 w RMS (EIA 426A standard)
600 w
1200 w
45Hz 24dB/oct Butterworth
70 to 140Hz 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley
Passive @ 2.6 kHz
Low Frequency Driver
Fane Transducer, 8Ω impedance, 10” (250mm)
diameter cast frame, 2.5” high temperature voice
coil on glass fibre former
High Frequency Driver
Fane Compression Driver 8Ω impedance, 1”
(25mm) exit, 1.34” (34mm) voice coil, Titanium
| 10” two-way passive touring speaker
ST-10 loudspeaker is suitable for near field main PA reinforcement with
or without subwoofer, portable system or permanent installation, wall,
stand, or suspension, monitoring for vocals and instruments, delay fill or
under balcony complementary diffusion.
Flying Hardware
Pole Mount
35mm pot
2pcs NEUTRIK Speakon NL4
• 300W RMS power handling (EIA 8 hours Standard)
• Equipped with premium Fane Drivers
• Elliptic 80° x 50° low resonance glass fibre rotatable horn
• Void-free birch plywood cabinet, tongue and groove assembly
• Touring grade HardTex coating with black matt finish
• Complete line of flying hardware accessories
• DSP preset support on associated electronics
8x M8 points with internal metal brackets
Cabinet Size (HxWxD)
Shipping Carton Size (HxWxD)
Optional Accessories
CNC made with tongue and groove assembly, 15
mm and 18 mm void-free birch plywood, exterior
Proprietary HardTex coating, black matt
340 x 320 x 540 mm
18 kg net
17 kg gross
10” two-way passive touring speaker |
The loudspeaker system shall be a passive, 2 way type consisting of one
shall be 122B continuous / 127dB peak. Nominal impedance shall be
10” (250mm) direct radiating reflex loaded low frequency transducer and
8Ω. The multi-angled enclosure shall be of a void free multi-laminate
one 1” (25mm) exit / 1.34” (34mm) voice coil HF compression driver that
birch ply construction with sealed internal bracing, 35mm pole mount
is mounted on a constant directivity elliptic glass fibre horn that provides
and threaded M8 inserts for suspension. The screws shall be Stainless
a nominal coverage angle of 80° (horizontal) by 50° (vertical). The
Steel 316L with 200 hours coating per ASTM-B117. The finish shall be
frequency response shall be 55 to 18000Hz in half space with less than
a black matt multi layer HardTex water based painting with hardness
± 3dB variation. Low and high frequency sections shall be integrated by
higher than 75Hv. The front of the enclosure shall be protected by a
an internal 2.6kHz passive crossover network with 400v polypropylene
black matt dual layer coated (powder + acrylic) 1.5 mm thick steel
capacitors, Air core inductors on HF, aluminium housed resistors and
acoustically transparent grille. Dimensions shall be (HxWxD) 530 x 330
18dB/oct slopes. Power handling shall be 300W RMS, 1200W peak
x 325 mm and Weight 16kg. The loudspeaker system shall be the Fane
by EIA 426A standard (8 hours pink noise). Average wideband (200-
Pro Audio ST-10.
16000Hz) efficiency on axis shall be 97dB/1W/1m and maximum SPL
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