Product Manual

Product Manual
Product Manual
• 500 Watts RMS / 1000 Watts Peak
• 15" Woofer with 110oz Magnet and 4" Voice Coil
• Frequency Response: (+/-3dB) 30Hz - 200Hz
• Maximum SPL @ 1w / 1m: 130dB Peak / 127dB Continuous
• 600 Watts RMS / 1200 Watts Peak
• 18" Woofer with 130oz Magnet and 4" Voice Coil
• Frequency Response: (+/-3dB) 25Hz - 200Hz
• Maximum SPL @ 1w / 1m: 135dB Peak / 129dB Continuous
• Folded horn design powered subwoofer
• Power-On and Signal Input LED Indicator
• Peak Signal Input LED Indicator
• Clip Limiter Circuitry with LED Indicator
• Dual Balanced XLR / 1/4" TRS Inputs (Combo Jack)
• Dual Balanced XLR thru/output jacks
• Passive heat sink with heat sensitive variable speed auto
turn-on fan for cooling
• Lo-Pass Filter (Subwoofer Crossover) 80Hz-200Hz LPF
• Subwoofer Level Adjustment
• Subwoofer Phase Control
• Built-in XLR Balanced High Pass Output @ 100Hz
• Ground Lift switch for ground-loop noise elimination
• Built-in speaker pole mount socket
• Built-in carrying handles
• Heavy-duty 2" (MA-15SUB-A) / 3" (MA-18SUB-A) locking caster wheels
• High density MDF construction
• Dimensions (WxHxD): MA-15SUB-A - 460 x 615 x 605mm (100mm castor height)
MA-18SUB-A - 595 x 740 x 610mm
• Weight: MA-15SUB-A - 37kg / MA-18SUB-A - 58kg
To reduce risk of electric shock, never open the unit. There are no user serviceable
parts, refer service to an authorised SWAMP service center.
Do not expose this unit to any kind of moisture.
Unit should be used away from heat sources.
Do not obstruct vents or exhaust fan.
Please ensure that the unit is situated in a ventilated area.
Make sure the unit is placed on a level and stable surface. This unit should not be
mounted to a wall or ceiling.
This product should only be operated with a IEC power cable featuring an Australian
Electrical Safety Authority Approved 3pin plug.
Ensure the power cable is not damaged before use.
Disconnect from mains power before to make connections in the amplifier.
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not be
treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection
point for the recycling of electrical equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and
human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this
product. The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural resources. For more
detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office,
your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
What is a Folded Horn Woofer you ask?
Any horn shape which gradually expands from a small inlet to a large opening will act as a
physical amplifier for sound applied to the smaller end. When coupled to a loudspeaker it
improves its efficiency, but a full-size horn that would work at low frequencies would make
for an impractically large cabinet. By folding the horn back on itself, you can significantly
reduce its size, without compromising the effect. When this technique is is used to take
energy from the back of a speaker and redirect it to the front, you have a folded horn bass
reflex cabinet. Below is an example of a basic folded horn design.
Lo-Pass Filter (LPF)
Left Input - Balanced - 1/4" TRS or XLR
Left Link Output - Balanced XLR
Left Hi-Pass Link - Balanced XLR
240V Power Input - IEC
Phase Reverse switch - On/Off
Main Volume control
Right Input - Balanced - 1/4" TRS or XLR
RCA L & R - Line level input and Link output
Right Link Output - Balanced XLR
Right Hi-Pass Link - Balanced XLR
Power Switch - On/Off
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