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For researchers, artisans and explorers:
Waterproof endoscope camera for PC use
Snakoo looks around the corner, illuminates dark niches and can even be used in the aquarium, because Snakoo endoscope-camera system has a waterproof camera head. A flexible cable that holds a mini-camera with bright LEDs allows Snakoo to see things that
otherwise would remain hidden.
Direct image control on the PC via snapshop function
The video image is displayed directly on the computer when the mini camera is connected
to the USB port of the PC. The included software supports video recordings and image
snapshots that can be saved as image files. Electrical power supply is provided by the USB
connection – batteries or AC adapter are not required.
Snakoo can be used in various ways and situations
The endoscope is a real everyday helper, ideal for hobby or profession, e.g. for repairs,
cleanup and maintenance work or simply in order to obtain new insights into areas which
the eye might not otherwise collect.
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Technical Specification
Delivery content
• USB 1.1 PC interface
• Endoscope Camera, USB cable,
Driver Software, Manual
• 1/6‘‘ VGA CMOS image sensor:
300.000 pixel
• Image resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
EAN: 4011942520897
Article no.: 52089
• Framerate: 30 fps
• White light LEDs
• Lens
- Picture angle: 54°,
- Aperture: F 2.8
- Focussing: from 6 cm on
• Snapshot-function
• Endoskope camera,
effective length: 80 cm
• Waterproof camera head
with 14 mm diameter
• Dimensions:
32 x 40 x 880 mm
• Weight: 321 g
• Color: Black
• Electrical power supply provided
by USB connection
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