Options to Visualize Cells in
Corning® HYPERStack™-12 Vessels
Several options are available to enable cell visualization in the HYPERStack-12 vessels.
A. Using the Corning HYPERViewer™ device with an Inverted Microscope
The Corning HYPERViewer device is designed to increase the working length of an
existing objective lens.
1. Press fit the HYPERViewer into the central window closest to the rear of the vessel.
2. Line up the HYPERViewer so that it will protrude through the hole in the stage and
lie in the optical path.
3. Focus the objective lens to visualize the cells through the HYPERViewer.
4. Remove the HYPERViewer from the window on the HYPERStack-12 vessel bottom
plate before returning the vessel to the incubator.
B. Using an Inverted Microscope (with a Movable Condenser Arm)
Swing the condenser arm out of the way to permit placement of the HYPERStack-12 vessel
on the stage.
1. Visualize the HYPERStack-12 vessel upside-down.
a. Add a Purefit clamp to the air-handling tubing of the vessel.
b. Close the clamp on the air-handling tubing and the clamp on the liquid-handling tubing.
c. Turn the HYPERStack-12 vessel upside down and place the vessel on the inverted
microscope stage.
d. Adjust the focus to bring the cell growth layer closest to the objective into focus.
e. After viewing the cells, turn the HYPERStack-12 vessel into the isolation position
(manifolds up).
f. Open the clamps so that the fluid redistributes into the layers. Keep the air filter
pointed up to avoid wetting the filter.
g. Return the HYPERStack-12 vessel to the incubation position.
2. Visualize the HYPERStack-12 vessel using standard orientation.
a. Remove the center viewing area of the stage.
b. Raise the objective lens to a height that enables one of the outer rectangles on the
bottom plate of the HYPERStack-12 vessel to fit over the lens. This may bring the
vessel within the focal length of the lens.
C. Using an Upright Microscope
To visualize cells in the HYPERStack-12 vessel using an upright microscope, there needs to
be enough room between the objective lens and the condenser to place the HYPERStack-12
vessel on the microscope stage. Simply place the vessel on the stage and adjust the focus.
The top cell growth layer in the HYPERStack-12 vessel can be visualized.
D. Using a HYPERFlask® Vessel as a Control
Another alternative for all visualization is to set up a HYPERFlask vessel as a control vessel
and seed it at the same density as the HYPERStack vessel.
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