ALON MP3 Dictaphone for S60 3rd Edition

ALON MP3 Dictaphone for S60 3rd Edition
ALON MP3 Dictaphone
User's manual
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1. Introduction
2. Audio Player
3. Voice Dictaphone
4. Phone calls recorder
5. Customer support
ALON MP3 Dictaphone consists of three components:
Audio player.
Voice dictaphone is an MP3 dictaphone which also allows to record in AMR and WAV audio
formats. You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record
lectures, conversations, interviews and then send the records to your PC.
Phone calls recorder records phone calls in MP3, AMR and WAV formats. You'll to save lots
of memory space by keeping you records in MP3 - the most popular audio format.
Audio Player
9 To start/stop playback press the buttons "Play"/"Stop" on the front panel.
You can change the volume in two ways:
Rotate the volume button on the front panel.
Use hardware volume button.
To choose files for playback:
To choose folder for playback: press Menu>The play folder and choose the required folder
from any location at your phone. NOTE: if you would like to choose folder and all it's subfolders
for playback choose Menu>Settings>Scan subfolder>On.
To choose track for playback select it and press “play” button or double click the track.
To rewind the track: touch file progress bar.
Quick scrolling. By pressing forward or reverse buttons you will "turn over the pages" of your
9 To change the view of playlist by sorting the files by name, duration, size, extension of the file
choose Settings>Sort by.
9 To rename/delete/send file press it and wait for a few seconds. Then select the appropriate action
from the menu.
9 To delete several files you may use “Check mode”: Settings>Check mode and choose the files you
want to delete.
To see the time left to the end of track click to the timer during playback.
To select the playing mode (playlist, playlist loop, one track, one track loop, random) click
You may use widget when the Dictaphone is in background.
Voice Dictaphone
To start/stop recording press the button "Record"/"Stop" on the front panel.
Choosing the folder where you will record the files:
• If you select the Menu>Settings>Recorder settings>Use record folder only>On the
records will be save into the folder under Menu>Record folder.
• To set the folder for recording press Menu>Settings>Recorder settings>Use record
folder only>Off and then Menu>Record folder and choose the required folder.
9 Activation by sound level - In order to turn it on you should pass to “Settings>Record
settings>Sound level activation” and set the switch to “On”. In this state you can also adjust
“Threshold level value” using slider for that. It gives opportunity to filter the more loud sounds which
will be considered as “silence”
9 Voice Dictaphone supports the following formats: MP3 8-128kbps 8-48kHz, AMR, WAV. The
record formats you can choose from: Settings>Recorder settings.
9 To add date of recording to recorded track press Menu>Settings>Recorder settings>Add date to
track name.
9 To append the record to the end of the track press and hold on the selected track. The window
“Append track” appears.
You may record via Bluetooth. In order to record you should pass to “Settings>Record
settings>Use bluetooth record” and set the switch to “On”.
Note: your phone may not support all headsets for recording via Bluetooth so
please make sure that it does this
Phone Calls Recorder
To adjust settings for phone calls recording press Menu>Call recorder settings.
9 To choose automatic phone calls recording select Recorder settings>Recording phone
calls>On. Recording of phone calls will start after establishment of connection.
9 Phone Calls Recorder supports the following formats: MP3 8-128kbps 8kHz, AMR, WAV. The
record formats you can choose from: Settings>Call recorder settings.
To see the list of your recorded phone calls press Menu>Phone calls.
9 If your phone records phone calls with wrong speed use Settings>Call recorder settings>Speed
ratio of recording> and choose another speed.
Customer support
9 If you have questions, please, contact our support at
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