This section is for sales code RES and
REQ/REL/RET radios only with Uconnect™.
For sales code RBZ/RHB, RHR, RHP, RHW or
RB2 touch-screen radio iPod姞/USB/MP3
control feature, refer to the separate RBZ/
RHB, RHR, RHP, RHW or RB2 User’s Manual.
iPod姞/USB/MP3 control is available only if
equipped as an option with these radios.
• Connecting an iPod姞 or consumer electronic audio device to the AUX port located in the radio faceplate, plays media,
but does not use the iPod姞 /MP3 control
feature to control the connected device.
Connecting The iPod姞 Or External
USB Device
Use the connection cable to connect an iPod姞
or external USB device to the vehicle’s USB
connector port which is located in the glove
take a few minutes to connect), the audio
device starts charging and is ready for use by
pressing radio switches, as described below.
If the audio device battery is completely
discharged, it may not communicate with
the iPod姞/USB/MP3 control system until a
minimum charge is attained. Leaving the
audio device connected to the iPod姞/USB/
MP3 control system may charge it to the
required level.
This feature allows an iPod姞 or external USB
device to be plugged into the USB port, located in the glove compartment.
Using This Feature
iPod姞 control supports Mini, 4G, Photo, Nano,
5G iPod姞 and iPhone姞 devices. Some iPod姞
software versions may not fully support the
iPod姞 control features. Please visit Apple’s
website for software updates.
• The audio device can be played on the
vehicle’s sound system, providing metadata
(artist, track title, album, etc.) information on
the radio display.
• If the radio has a USB port, refer to the
appropriate Uconnect™ Multimedia radio
User’s Manual for iPod姞 or external USB
device support capability.
By using iPod cable or external USB device to
connect to USB port:
USB Connector Port
• The audio device can be controlled using
the radio buttons to Play, Browse, and List
the iPod姞 contents.
Once the audio device is connected and synchronized to the vehicle’s iPod姞/USB/MP3 control system (iPod姞 or external USB device may
• The audio device battery charges when
plugged into the USB/AUX connector (if supported by the specific audio device)
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