The Drive For All Applications
NX Series Variable Frequency Drives
The Drive For All Applications
For HVAC Applications Large And Small,
Honeywell NX Series Drives Are The Answer.
From simple HVAC applications to closed-
For OEM Customers
loop process control applications, the
Honeywell NX Series is the right Variable
For the OEM customer, the modular con-
Frequency Drive (VFD) for all scenarios.
struction and wide selection of option cards
make the NX Series a drive that can be easily
You can depend on an NX Series drive to
incorporated into almost any application. The
control anything from simple fans, pumps,
versatile programming tool enables easy and
and compressors to elevators, cranes, or
seamless integration into your existing control
winders. NXS models offer the greatest appli-
strategy, and the onboard intelligence means
cation versatility for multiple control applica-
the drive can replace the local controller.
tions. NXL models meet simple application
needs in the low-horsepower range.
For System Designers
Together, these versatile performers feature
modular, easily adaptable hardware, precise
semiconductor technology and a flexible, preinstalled application package that supports a
fieldbus system. That makes NX Series drives
the single best solution for a wide range of
HVAC and industrial applications.
The flexible I/O configuration and the dynamic
performance of the NX Series make it ideal for
a wide range of system applications, including
drives used in HVAC and industrial markets.
The NX Series can be configured to operate
with several different fieldbuses, making it easy
to communicate with a variety of control systems. The powerful control unit can be used for
local control tasks, freeing the control system
For Distributors/Contractors
for general control tasks and minimizing the
For the distributor or contractor, the NX Series
total number of controllers necessary for a
offers a range of new application capabilities
compete automation solution.
that help keep stock to a minimum and speed
Since the NX is a functional replacement for its
predecessor, the CX Series, existing drawings,
installation and training material can be easily
adapted. In addition, a wide selection of option
cards offers new possibilities for reconfiguring
the drive to future requirements. The wide voltage range, high overload capacity, and a userfriendly alphanumeric display on the control
panel make choosing and opening the correct
drive very easy.
Control Unit
The control unit features a control panel for setting
parameters and controlling the function of the drive,
along with an enhanced microprocessor and Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC). The
display provides information including actual current,
power and voltage, and can also be used for starting
and stopping the drive. If necessary, the display can
be mounted directly on the enclosure door.
The control unit provides five slots for various I/O
cards. A wide selection of cards is available, ranging
from cards with simple analog and digital inputs
to smart fieldbus cards. (See your Honeywell NX
Series Quick Selection Guide for a complete list of
The Modular Design
option cards and features.) Flexibility rules with cards
All drives up to 40 hp are equipped with a built-in
that are interchangeable between both the NXS and
brake chopper. An external brake resistor can be
the NXL. While the control unit is usually powered
installed as an option. The resistor is designed for a
from the power unit, it also can be powered from an
two-second full torque rapid stop once every minute.
external 24VDC supply, maintaining critical access to
the stored data programming even if the main supply
is disconnected.
Enclosure Class
The standard enclosure class for NXS drives is
Power Unit
NEMA1 (IP21). Models are also available in NEMA12
The power unit is available in 200-240 and 380-500
panel-mount-only device.
three-phase AC input voltage ranges. It includes
all power circuit components necessary to operate
the drive, and is connected to the control unit with a
multipole connector.
(IP54). NXL drives are shipped as an open chassis
Drives And The Electrical Environment
Most drive installations require ad-
Eliminating the Problem
ditional equipment such as controllers
and sensors. This equipment is often
The magnitude of the harmonic cur-
installed in close proximity to the drive,
rents decreases as their frequency
creating the potential for interference.
increases. Focusing on the lower
frequencies can control or limit these
There are two main types of
• Low frequency — harmonic
Additional line impedance in the
• High frequency — electro-mechani-
form of an AC choke is an extremely
cal Interference
effective way to reduce or, in some
NXS drives are specifically designed
cases, eliminate the problem. Drives
against susceptibility to Radio Frequen-
without input line chokes generate
cy Interference (RFI).
significantly higher levels of harmonics. The choke has the added effect
of protecting the drive against spikes
Harmonic Currents
in their power supply. All NXS drives
have built-in AC chokes.
Non-linear loads — like rectifier bridges in power electronics, switch-mode
power supplies in office equipment,
and fluorescent lamps — draw cur-
rents that are not sinusoidal and can
generate harmonics. The additional
High-frequency interference con-
harmonic current does not carry power,
sists of either radiated or conducted
though it is an added current flowing
disturbances at frequencies above
in the cables. If the harmonics are not
9 kHz. These disturbances can be
taken out of the system, problems such
created by switching elements in
as overloaded conductors, decreased
any device (e.g., the crystal clocks
power factor and disturbance of
in a computer, switch-mode power
measuring systems can plague the
supplies, and the output devices in
electrical system in a building. The
drives). The high frequency noise
voltages created by the harmonics
emitted from any device may create
may also damage other equipment or
problems in measuring and commu-
interfere with power line communica-
nication systems, and may interfere
tion equipment.
with radio receivers.
NXS Drives come standard with industrial-quality RFI filters, immunizing
them from the effects of interference.
The NX Series have a built-in AC choke. The choke
reduces the harmonic currents and protects the rectifier against voltage spikes in the supply (compared
to a DC choke which provides no spike protection).
The RFI filter is standard on the NXS and optional on
the NXL model.
Features Of The Drive: Broad Application,
Simple Startup, Long Life
NX Series features include:
Years of experience are behind the design and manufac-
• Integrated AC choke for maximum protection and
ture of these reliable, robust drives.
minimum harmonics
• Integral RFI filter for residential and light commercial
as well industrial
The NX Series extends the CX Series’ reputation for reliability, with the same high level of resistance to electromagnetic
• Factory tested at maximum temperature and load
interference. The NXS and NXL control units incorporate the
• Flexibility in communication with multiple fieldbus
same application packages, control panels, I/O cards and
options: LONWORKS®, N2/Modbus®, DeviceNet,
BACnet® and ProfiBus
• Highly flexible I/O configuration
• Multi-application software package pre-installed
• Versatile PC tools for loading, adjusting and comparing parameters
• Slim, space-saving “bookshelf” design for
side-by-side installation
can connect to the same PC tools package. Easy programming and commissioning simplify start-up. The NX default
control I/O includes the most common control inputs and
outputs. For maximum compatibility, the wiring terminals of
the NX Series match the previous CX Series settings. Setting parameters is easy too, using either the control panel
or the PC tools for the NX.
• Continuous self-supervising runtime and alarm
system enhances reliability and safety
• Control logic can be powered from an external
An optimal solution is available for most application needs.
The modular design allows the choice of only the needed
auxiliary supply, maintaining power to the control
functions and features for specific applications. A wide
panel, internal drive functions and fieldbuses while
selection of option cards offers new possibilities for future
the power module is down
• Configurations and applications can be transferred
between drives
• Multilingual control display
Graphical Tools
Parameter window
Adjust and compare and save parameters
A number of Windows®-based
PC programs are available for
working with the NX Series.
NCDrive is a full-featured commissioning and control application for
the NX Series. It provides the
following functions:
• Parameter adjust, compare
and save
• Trending for up to six signals
• Fault finding/trouble shooting NC-
Drive requires a PC equipped with
a Pentium II processor, 32 MB free
RAM, 10 MB free disk space and
Windows 95/98, 2000 or XP
NCLoad is a tool for loading software
into the drive, including:
• System software (the operating
• Application software
Monitor window
Up to eight user-selectable
variables can be monitored simultaneously
The NX Series can be easily adapted
to a variety of needs using the
factory-installed application package.
The basic application is set
The standard application
The local/remote application
The multi-step speed control
as factory default. The I/O
features the same control
is an ideal choice for opera-
application allows selecting
signals are fixed, not pro-
signal logic as the basic
tion with two active control
the reference between sev-
grammable. A single group
application plus the ability
sources. The source of the
eral fixed speeds. Nine pro-
of 18 parameters is avail-
to freely program all digital
frequency reference can be
grammable speeds include
able. The frequency refer-
inputs and outputs. Eight
freely programmed, allowing
basic, seven multi-step, and
ence can be provided either
parameter groups are avail-
maximum control flexibility.
jogging. The speed is select-
as a current signal, a voltage
able, including basic, input
The active control source is
ed by a digital input signal.
signal, or directly from the
signal, output and supervi-
selected with a digital input.
The basic speed reference
control panel. This is the
sion, drive control, frequen-
All outputs are programma-
can be provided either as
most popular application.
cy, motor control, protection
ble, and, like the standard
a current or as a voltage
and auto-restart parameters.
application, eight parameter
groups are standard.
All inputs and outputs are
programmable, and the
eight parameter groups are
All applications can support a fieldbus system without any additional software.
Typical HVAC applications include pumps, fans and compressors. Industrial
applications include conveyors, winders, cranes, hoists and elevators. Choose
the right application for your needs from the guide below.
The NXS is specifically designed
for open-loop control applications
(e.g. fans, pumps, and compressors).
The PID control application features
The multi-purpose control appli-
The pump and fan control with
two I/O terminal control sources.
cation incorporates a frequency
autochange application can be
Source A is the PID controller and
reference that can be obtained
used for controlling one variable-
source B is a direct frequency refer-
with an analog input, or from the
speed drive and a total of four
ence. The PID controller reference
joystick control, a potentiometer,
auxiliary drives.
can be supplied via an analog input,
or a mathematical function of the
from a potentiometer or the panel.
analog inputs. A variety of multi-
The PI regulator controls the rate
step and jogging speeds can
of the variable speed drive and
The actual value can be obtained
be programmed. All outputs are
provides start and stop signals to
from an analog input or from a
programmable, and eight param-
the auxiliary drives. All outputs are
mathematical function of the analog
eter groups are provided. With its
freely programmable.
inputs. Typical PID control applica-
extensive range of parameters, this
tions include those where one vari-
is the most versatile and flexible of
A parameter group for multi-pump
able must be kept constant (such
all the applications.
and fan control functions is avail-
as pressure in water supply line)
able in addition to the eight stan-
despite changes in the load. All out-
dard parameter groups.
puts are programmable, and eight
parameter groups are standard.
Advanced Features
NXS Applications
The standard NXS drive is typically supplied with
the following pre-engineered applications:
• Basic
• Standard
• Local/Remote Control
• Multi-step Speed Control
• PID Control
• Multi-purpose Control
• Pump and Fan Control with
Automatic Changeover
Several customized, special-purpose applications
are also available for pumps, elevators, cranes, winders and more. All NXS applications are similar to the
CX configurations.
The NXL is a slim, compact and easy-to-use VFD for
User-Friendly Features:
NXS and NXL Models
the 1/2–3 hp power range. The installation is flexible
• Simple to operate
and easy using the mounting components shipped
• Smart preset parameters: In most cases, enter the
with the unit. Choose traditional back installation or
DINrail, suitable for very limited space.
motor ratings and the NX does the rest
• Simple quick-connect control terminals cut installa-
tion and commissioning time
The latest control technology, coupled with real-time
electrical measurement, is at the core of the NXL
• Wide variety of I/O cards for different applications
ensure compatibility
fieldbus control using RS485 (Modbus®), and PID
• RS232C port for connection to PC
control and enhanced special features such as a
• Comprehensive manuals available in English,
sleep function, are standard. All common fieldbus
cards and I/O expander cards available for the NX
range of products can be used in the NXL.
Spanish and French
• Multilingual control panel, similar operation for all
power ratings
Sensorless vector control technology is at the core of the NXS, along
with an adaptive motor model and a
sophisticated ASIC. The motor flux
model is based on the measurement
of all three output phase currents
and the voltage level obtained by the
ASIC. The model automatically identifies motor parameters for both the
sensorless vector mode and the U/f
mode, keeping track of changes in the
parameters over time.
The vector control is carried out in
a system of stator flux coordinates,
which is resistant to small variations
in measurements and motor parameters. No demanding or complicated
calculations are required. The ASIC
also supervises the internal buses and
some external functions, freeing the
processor for other tasks.
Vector Control Without Feedback
The vector calculations are carried out every millisecond,
based on the instantaneous values of the phase currents
and their phase angles. The motor voltage is measured
by the ASIC, preventing errors in measurements. The
motor model uses those values to calculate the torque
and flux. Integrators that can cause drift problems due to
inaccuracies in parameters, measurements or changes in
motor values are excluded. Combine that with the incorporation of the converter and motor cable, and you have
the most accurate and most precise motor control device
in the industry.
Advanced Motor
Control NXS
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