Acer DDS tape drive
Open the G330 front chassis, by unlocking the front panel
and then remove the side panel. Press the plastic security
hook, situated beside the Floppy Disk Drive space, to free
the main front panel. Unscrew the metallic cover and remove it.
Disconnect the USB cable close to the SATA connector. Connect the black usb cable, shown in
step 3, to the motherboard, like in the picture.
Please attach the USB cable to the
USB Dongle and then the red
SATA cable.
Connect the SATA Tape to the data
and power cable and then plug it
into the chassis.
Fix all the cables to the chassis by using the plastic locks on the bottom
part of the case.
Plug the black sticker on the front
USB connectors to block them.
All the How To guides can be found on
SO.BUDS5.x03 - DAT72 Drive, 36/72GB, 3.5"/5.25", internal, SATA/USB, black, SATA cable+USB converter, 5x 36GB media, 1x clean media
How To install the SATA/USB Tape unit
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