Brand: Lenovo Product code: T39PNEU EAN number

Brand: Lenovo Product code: T39PNEU EAN number
Brand: Lenovo
Product code: T39PNEU
EAN number: 0087944874966
Display diagonal
Size of the display for
this product;
expressed in inches
19 "
Full Flat CRT
Viewable size, vertical
274.5 mm
Viewable size, horizontal
365.8 mm
Viewable size diagonal
457 mm
Vertical scan range
50 - 120 Hz
Horizontal scan range
30 - 96 KHz
Pixel pitch
This is the parameter of a
picture tube, which specifies
the shortest distance between
two dots of the same colour.
The principle is: the smaller the
dot pitch, the better sharpness
of image.
0.25 mm
Energy management
Power management
Power consumption
Amount of power consumed by
this model; expressed in watts.
Typical values that
manufacturers give are power
consumption when off,
standby/suspended mode,
typical use, maximum usage.
100 W
System requirements
Compatible operating systems
List of desktop operating
systems tested as compatible
with this product, including
coined name and version
Microsoft Windows ME,
Windows 2000, Windows XP
Plug and Play
Indicates whether this PC
product support the ""plug and
play"" (plug and play=
Hardware or software that,
after being installed (""plugged
in""), can immediately be used
(""played with""), as opposed
to hardware or software which
requires configuration)"
Weight & dimensions
Dimensions WxDxH
456 x 458 x 468 mm
Weight of the product without
packaging (nett weight). If
possible, the nett weight is
given including standard
accessories and supplies.
Please, note that sometimes
the manufacturer is giving a
too commercial interpretation
of product weight, by leaving
out the weight of accessories
and/or supplies.
21250 g
Management features
User controls
Degauss via Power Switch,
Brightness, Contrast,
Degauss via Control Panel,
Geometry reset, Horizontal
position, Horizontal size,
Image rotation, Keystone,
Keystone Balance, Language
Select, Moire control, OSD
position, Selectable color
Vertical position, Vertical
size, Zoom
Tilt angle
The analysis of people and
their specific physical
attributes, from which the
basis of a streamlined
shape for products is
determined. It has an
influence on safety and
efficiency of work. The
more focused meaning of
ergonomics expresses
unproblematic and easy
handling of equipment by
a user in the workplace. It
is obvious that a good
monitor must be equipped
with a foot that enables
rotation and tilting. It is
important to be able to
shift a monitor with one
hand. Lack of flickering,
low radiation and harmful
effects on the environment
are important features of a
monitor in respect of
ISO 9241 Part 3
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