4.1 – Using The Microphone In The Booth

4.1 – Using The Microphone In The Booth
4.1 – Using The Microphone In The Booth
The booth will have a microphone stand with an XLR cable attached. Once you connect your
microphone, you can position the microphone to capture the best quality.
There are a few controls to consider when setting a microphone level in the booth.
1. Input Level Meter – This shows a representation of the level of your microphone
coming into the Innkeeper 1x.
2. Send Control – This controls the volume of your microphone input into the system, as
well as the caller’s telephone. This should be adjusted until you see the red light blink in
the Input Level Meter (1) and then dialed back so you consistently have 2 green lights lit.
If the caller has a hard time hearing you, it is permitable to adjust your send control a bit
3. Send Mix – This controls the level your microphone is recorded in Adobe Audition.
Adjust this level to record at a level between -15db and -6dB.
Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to avoid introducing unwanted noise into your
recordings, and getting the best quality sound:
Make sure you do a sound check before your interview. Use your headphones to listen
back to the recording to identify any issues
Make sure you have your microphone on a slight angle to avoid popping Ps and Bs
caused by air pressure rushing directly into the microphone diaphragm
If our microphone has an on/off switch, make sure it is on and do not make contact with
the switch during recording
Keep some distance between the microphone and your mouth. 5-6” is a good distance to
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