Technisat Installation Manual

Technisat Installation Manual
Installation instructions satellite card Technisat
System requirements
IBM compatible PC with Pentium III 700 MHz or higher
At least 256 MB RAM
At least 30 MB free hard disk space
SoundBlaster compatible soundcard
CD-ROM drive
3D graphic card recommended (with hardware overlay support, up to date
 Supported operating systems:
Windows 2000 Professional/Server (Service Pack 4 required)
Windows XP Home/Professional (Service Pack 2 required)
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Service Pack 2 recommended)
Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 2 recommended)
Windows Vista x86/x64
 Additional requirements:
Internet Explorer 6 or higher
DirectX 9 or higher
MediaPlayer 9 or higher
Additional system requirements for USB devices
one available USB1.1 port (must be connected directly to PC, not by using a
USB hub)
Package content
Each TechniSat DVB-PC TV device package contains the following items:
SkyStar 2 USB2.0 box with power supply and USB cable
Installation CD (contains users guide) with driver and software
Quick Install
Step one: Installation of your DVB-PC TV device
Installation of the USB device
If you want to use a USB1.1 port, connect the DVB-PC TV Stars USB box directly to
the root hub of your computer.
After this you also have to connect the power supply to the USB box, if the power
supply is part of the package.
Step two: Installation of driver and software components
For installing driver and software components using Microsoft Windows
2000, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows Server Systems
2003 and Windows Vista you have to be logged in as the local user
“Administrator”. If you install the components using another user account
with local administrative rights, this might cause trouble during the
installation or while operating the device.
When you start your computer for the first time after installing the DVB-PC TV PCI
card or after you plugged in the USB box, the message «Found New Hardware»
appears. All DVB-PC TV PCI devices are declared as «Network Controller», all USB
devices are declared as «B2C2 Broadband Rcvr USB Adpt.».
You can either install the drivers before starting the installation of the software or let
the device drivers be installed using the automatic software installer.
We recommend the use the automatic driver installation for inexperienced users.
Installation of Software packages
Start the Windows Explorer and browse into the “Install” directory on your CD drive.
Open the application “setup.exe” to start the installation process.
When you start the setup using Windows Vista, windows 7, the “User Account Control”
will appear.
Please confirm this request by pressing “Continue”. If you choose “Cancel” the Setup will
be aborted and the installation of the driver and software will not continue.
1. First the language menu appears. Choose your language (e.g. English) and click
“OK” to proceed.
2. After you selected the setup language the setup will install the current drivers
for your TechniSat DVB-PC TV Stars device. If you already installed an older
version of the TechniSat DVB-PC TV Stars drivers and software, the setup
will automatically update the system with the current driver. If the driver is not
installed to the system it will be done automatically.
Please press the Install button to complete the device driver installation.
3. Now the installation process will start. Click “Next” to proceed.
4. Read the TechniSat DVB License Agreement and click “Yes” to accept this
5. Use the default destination folder or choose your program destination path by
using the “Browse” button. Press “Next” to proceed.
6. Press “Next” to proceed.
7. After this, the installation of Server4PC and DVBViewer TE has been
completed. Please restart your computer system to activate the changes.
Then click “Finish” to complete the setup and restart your computer.
Defining the TechniSat DVB-PC
Open Setup4PC
1. You reach Setup4PC by right clicking onto the Server4PC Icon
and select the Setup4PC option.
Channel tuned. The Server4PC is ready to receive data
using the settings of the selected data profile or
TV/radio using the running TV application.
No channel tuned. This might be possible, if no channel
is tuned by a TV application, no data profile is selected
or no data profile is available.
No TechniSat DVB-PC TV Stars device available. In
this case you should check, if the driver for the PCI
card or USB box is installed correctly and if the device
is working properly.
2. Now, the Setup4PC window appears
By pressing the arrow on the combo box you can choose Eutelsat W3 7E .
3. Now we are pressing Transponder management and when the window of
Transponder management appears we are pressing on add as you see below.
4. Now a new window will appear with the name Edit Transponder. We have to
do the following settings and as a result we see the Signal quality and strength
is green as we see below.
The settings are:
Symbol Rate
: 11575
: 30000
After that we setup these settings we are pressing Tune. If all are ok as you see we are
pressing OK
5. After those settings that we see before we are going to finish our setup. We are
choosing the Data services as we see below.
As a result a new window will open as you see below
6. We have to press add as you see on the screen below and we give the
provider name as Inforex.
We are pressing OK and we continue with setup the transponder as you see below.
We are choosing from the combo box that exists near the Add the 11575 and we are
giving again the name inforex. If we see the settings as we see it on the image we are
pressing Add.
7. Our last step is to give the correct PID for start receiving data from satellite.
As you see on the image below we have to check Hexadecimal and below of
that write 92e and press insert. After insert we see the number appears in the
box as you see in the image.
If all the settings are the same with the image we are pressing OK.
8. We are closing everything that we have open and we are going to the icon of
Server4PC and we are pressing the right button of our mouse. Then we are
choosing inforex as you see in the image.
For any queries or clarification please contact our technical department of the
Inforex Tel: 210 3255511
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