Setup TSYS Credit Card Processing

Setup TSYS Credit Card Processing
VinNOW-TSYS Integration Setup
Once your account is established with TSYS, and installation appoint should
have been arranged. If not, contact your sales representative as these steps
should be done for the first time with the assistance of TSYS support.
TSYS Support Contact Number: 855-882-0507
Customers switching to TSYS should be on VinNOW version 2110.5.31 or greater. In order to determine
what version you are on, from the VinNOW login screen double click on your winery name and the
version will display. You can also view this from within VinNOW, under the Help Menu, About VinNOW.
TSYS credit card processing communications to the gateway is done via LAN internet linked PAX
payment terminals, and a back office web connection to their “Transit” website.
The PAX terminals supplied by TSYS have your merchant account information preloaded into
the terminals and VinNOW does not store this information. Each PAX payment terminal needs
to be linked to a VinNOW workstation by the payment terminal’s serial number and IP address.
VinNOW recommends each individual VinNOW POS (point-of-sale) workstation should have its
own corresponding PAX payment terminal device. It is possible to share the device between
workstations, however, keep in mind the PAX terminal can only process a single workstation’s
transaction at a time and so you need to be aware that sharing a payment terminal for
transactions can cause Tasting Room POS sales to have to wait for access to the PAX terminal
and may time out if other transactions are processing.
VinNOW recommends that all TSYS PAX payment terminals be set up to use STATIC IP address
settings instead of the default DHCP setting. In order to accomplish this you will first need to set
your network up to use a STATIC IP. Please contact your IT support for assistance with your
network. See TSYS/PAX STATIC IP Setup for information on setting up the PAX device once you
have a static IP.
This document describes:
I. How to enable TSYS credit card processing in VinNOW
II. How to enable your back office processing via Transit
III. How to link a PAX terminal to a workstation
Test transactions script to verify the integration is working correctly
Tokenizing credit cards-on-file.
I. Enable TSYS credit card processing in Systems Option Settings of VinNOW
Once you have established your account with TSYS and received your PAX machine(s) and are
ready to install them, in VinNOW System Option Settings select TSYS as your credit card
processor and click "OK":
BackOffice workstations will be able to process credit card sales without a PAX machine when
your TSYS “Transit” credentials have been entered into VinNOW System Option Setup. You will
not be able to view credit cards on file, tokenize credit cards or run a wine club without transit
credentials. VinNOW Support does not have access to this information, please contact TSYS
support. The information needed is MID, USER ID, PASSWORD and DEVICE ID. After filling in
the information check the “Generate Key” and “Update”.
Set up the PAX and find the terminal IP address:
a. Connect the PAX terminal to the LAN (with internet access) using the Ethernet connection
plug (usually colored red.)
b. Connect the PAX terminal to an AC power source.
c. Wait for the PAX terminal to boot up to the PAX logo screen.
d. On the lower right-side of the screen, press the Menu button.
e. You will be prompted for a password. (Note: The password is supplied by TSYS customer
service.) Key in the number using the pin pad on the terminal and press the
green Enter key.
f. Press the Down Arrow on the screen.
g. Press the Communications button displayed on right side of the screen.
h. Enter the password at the prompt.
i. Press the Down Arrow
j. Press the LAN Parameters button displayed on the lower left side of the screen.
k. Press the IP Address button which will be displayed on the upper right side of the screen.
l. Write down IP address displayed.
II. Link a workstation to a PAX payment terminal in Cash Register/Workstation Setup.
In VinNOW, SetUp Menu, Cashier Workstation Setup, enter the “PAX Terminal IP Address” click
the PAX Terminal Advanced Setup button to launch the set up window.
Type the IP address into the “Dest. IP” field on the VinNOW Advanced PAX Terminal Setup
screen. For best results drop the leading zeroes from the IP address. For example, if the IP
Address on the terminal is displayed as, type into the “Dest. IP”
Make sure the following values are in place:
Dest Port: 10009
Serial Port: COM1
Baud Rate: 9600
Time Count: 50000
Industry: Retail (for retail sales) or Restaurant (for preauth sales if your account is set
up for this type of processing).
Click the “Test PAX Connection” button.
If the test is successful; the PAX terminal serial number, the terminal ID number, and the
merchant ID number will be displayed at the top of the screen. If the connection test is
unsuccessful an appropriate message describing the connection problem will be displayed
instead. Contact TSYS support for issues with your PAX machine or set up.
Note: The last 10 digits of Merchant ID displayed on the screen should match the last 10
digits of the client’s merchant identification number. (If the last 10 digits of the account
numbers do not match, contact TSYS customer service.)
When you have a successful connection, click the “Update” button to link the PAX terminal to
the workstation; and then click “Cancel” to return to the Workstation Maintenance screen. The
PAX terminal is now linked to the workstation. Finish setting the Cashier settings and click
“Update” to save workstation settings.
III. Run live test transactions.
The following transactions should be run to test the connection and tokenization of your new
TSYS set up:
Basic Cashier Sale:
1) Open a Cash Register shift
2) Add yourself as a customer to the sale
3) Add a product to the sale
4) Click “Credit"
5) Click “Process” which will cause the terminal to prompt for card swipe as shown
6) Swipe a card, or insert a chip card, or use a phone with an NFC payment app to make a
payment. The terminal will process the payment and when the approval is received, a receipt
will be printed to complete the sale.
7) Now start a new sale:
a. Add your customer you previously used to the sale
b. Add a product to the sale
c. Click “Credit” to display the Card Payment screen:
9) Click the “Get Card On File” button to pull in the customer’s card added to the customer’s
record in the previous sale.
10) Click “Process Charge” to process the payment. (This is a test of a tokenized card-on-file
11) Exit the Cashier screen going to the Customer Search screen
12) On the Maintenance menu, select the option: “Credit Card Processor Maint. – TSYS”:
The Batch totals shown on this screen should reflect the total of two credit sales you have just
Note: This screen only shows transactions that have been done using the PAX terminal
linked to the current workstation. With TSYS credit card processing each terminal
maintains its own unique batch of transactions. Therefore this screen will not include
any transactions done on other PAX terminals.
13) Navigate back the Customer Search screen, and select the customer record that was added
for the two previous credit sales.
14) On the Customer Maintenance Billing tab select the credit card on file to display the
“Customer Credit Card Maintenance” screen:
15) Click the “Update” button to test the “VERIFY” transaction which returns to VinNOW a
token representation of the card which is then stored in VinNOW for subsequent card-on-file
wine club sales.
Note: The “VERIFY” transaction type is used to add/update cards-on-file if they are Visa,
MasterCard, or Discover. American Express, however, does not allow the use the
“VERIFY” transaction to add/update cards-on-file, so they are updated with a “$1.00
AUTH” transaction followed by a “VOID” transaction.
16) Navigate back to the Customer Search screen, and log in on to the Cashier.
17) Go to the Sales Tape.
18) VOID both the credit sales done previously.
19) Finally, Close the register shift
Notice the new check-box to “Close TSYS PAX batch” on the screen. This check-box is checked
by default and when checked it automatically closes the batch of charges in the payment
terminal when the register shift is closed. This concludes the transactions test script.
IV. Tokenize Your Database.
If you are switching to TSYS processing, you must tokenize any credit cards in your database
prior to being able to see your cards on file or run a wine club. To accomplish this, go to the
Maintenance Menu, credit Card Processor Maintenance and you will get a screen that lets you
know you have cards-on-file that need to be tokenized.
This process can be started and stopped at any time but must be finished prior to running a
wine club or using cards on file. The speed at which the cards tokenize is determined by your
machine speed, internet connectivity, and TSYS processing speed. The process will display how
many cards you have to process, and will have a counter letting you know how quickly it is
processing. Click the OK button to launch the tokenization process. A status window similar to
the following will be displayed:
If you click “Cancel”, the system will proceed to display the normal TSYS Credit Card
Processing Maintenance screen.
The tokenization process can interrupted clicking the “Cancel” button. It can be re-started later
and it will start at point where it was interrupted.
Troubleshooting PAX Connections
These troubleshooting suggestions are based on problems we have seen and solutions that
worked for those specific situations. If you have issues with your PAX terminal set up or
processing charges, contact TSYS support. VinNOW Support cannot assist you with PAX set
up or troubleshooting.
Message on Adv. PAX Setup and Possible Explanations:
Unable to ping Dest. IP :
Terminal is not powered on.
LAN cable is un-plugged.
Dest. IP is incorrect.
Dest. Port is being blocked on the LAN
Unable to open Dest. Port (means you can ping the Dest. IP, but cannot open Dest. port)
Dest. IP is pointing to device which is not a PAX terminal
Dest. Port setting in the PAX terminal does not match the Dest. Port specified
Dest. Port is being blocked on the LAN
Processing Errors:
For either of these errors, check your timeout rate on the advanced PAX set up in the
cashier/workstation table and make sure it is 50000 milliseconds. If the set up is set
correctly or you still get this error, contact TSYS Support.
VinNOW / TSYS Integration STATIC IP PAX Terminal Linkage Setup
VinNOW recommends that all TSYS PAX payment terminals be set up to use STATIC IP address
settings instead of the default DHCP setting. (This reason for this is because DHCP has been
shown to cause linkage problems when DHCP subsequently assigns a different IP Address after
the initial IP address has been assigned to a VinNOW workstation record.) To accomplish this,
the following steps need to be performed with a TSYS Merchant Services Support (TMSS)
representative on the phone. Do the following steps for each PAX terminal and its associated
VinNOW workstation:
1) With the PAX terminal connected to the LAN, power-cycle the terminal to boot it up
intially using DCHP to obtain an IP Address.
2) Then have the TSYS representative walk you through navigating the PAX terminal’s
menu to get and record the IP address assigned to the terminal.
3) On the associated VinNOW workstation in the “Advanced PAX Terminal Setup”
screen, type the IP address into the “Dest IP.” field; click the “Test PAX Connection” button to
make sure the PAX terminal connects successfully. If the connection is successful, click the
“Update” button to update the VinNOW workstation record.
4) On the PAX terminal, navigate the menu to get the following values for the TSYS
representative to be recorded in the TSYS BroadPOS system.
A. IP Address
B. Subnet Mask
C. Gateway IP
E. ECR Comm Type = “Ethernet”
F. Communication Port
G. Communication Protocol = “TCP/IP”
5) Finally set the PAX terminal’s LAN Type = “STATIC” and have TSYS representative
record the same setting likewise in the TSYS BroadPOS system.
6) Now test the settings, by having the TSYS representative reset the terminal from their
office and then power cycle the PAX terminal. After PAX terminal has re-booted, on the
VinNOW workstation go to the “Advanced PAX Terminal Setup” screen and click the “Test
Connection” button to make sure the PAX terminal can still connect to the VinNOW
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