aurora - Electrocomponents

aurora - Electrocomponents
a u r o r a Sonata
The evolution
of ISDN testing
Belt Hook
Telephone earpiece
The Trend auroraSonata represents a significant advance in the
capability of ISDN testers. Conceived as an all purpose test tool, it
acknowledges the requirements of a world-wide customer base. It has
the functionality to meet and surpass the field technician’s growing
demands on an ISDN Installation and Maintenance Tester.
Power socket for AC/DC
adaptor/ charger with
waterproof cover
The auroraSonata is hand-held, easy to use, rugged, and above all, has
a modular design making it suitable for sophisticated communications networks both now and in the foreseeable future.
Line status
indication LEDs
designed for the field
◆ Rugged, butt style, weather proof and scratch resistant construction,
designed to withstand a 2 metre drop;
◆ Low cost of ownership designed in
– Flash memory for field upgradable software;
– Modular construction to make functional expansion quick
and simple;
◆ Powered by a rapid recharge battery for maximum usage
◆ Environmentally aware manufacturing – constructed from recyclable
◆ Voltage protection from dangerously high line voltages
easy to use
◆ Large, 8 line x 21 character backlit LCD screen with Windowed User
Interface for the ultimate in operational simplicity
◆ User definable One Button Test Suites and on-the-fly call set-up
parameters for the ultimate in speedy testing
◆ Comprehensive set of LED indicators for on-the-spot analysis of line
◆ Soft Key function selection allowing rapid access to commonly used
◆ Real-time decode window always available for instant verification of
signalling status
◆ Context sensitive help giving instant assistance
operational modes
The auroraSonata integrates the simulation and monitoring functionality
needed by the technician to provision or trouble-shoot networks in the
shortest possible time.
◆ ISDN TE mode to simulate TE and verify ISDN service provided at
the customer’s site
◆ ISDN NT mode to simulate and verify operation of the Network
◆ ISDN LT mode to simulate exchange operation
◆ Real-time Decode on `S/T’ and `U’ reference points for on-the-spot
trouble shooting in Simulation or Monitor Modes
◆ Voice and Data calls with BERT capability for verification of
line quality
◆ Comprehensive Supplementary Service support available in
standard package
◆ Multiple protocols available per unit
PC running aurora Expert
'S' Monitoring
'U' Monitoring
auroraSonata monitor modes
Mini-DIN serial
port RS232 with
water proof
Robust and
rugged for the
Large 8 x 21
◆ Bi-directional high speed RS232 serial port for Decode and test
result outputs and upload of software for upgrades
◆ Real-time date and time-stamp feature for BERT results and D
Channel Decode
◆ NT `Swap-Out’ mode – preparing for the advent of NT liberalisation
◆ Unattended Mode with Call Back option allowing remote testing
◆ Cause Code Location display to identify where problems occur in the
◆ Displayed line voltage detection and measurement
◆ Compatibility with auroraExpert for Windows for Full analysis of D
Channel Signalling and call statistics
The auroraSonata is a “Go anywhere” tester. Its rugged construction
places it equally at home in the Switch rooms of a Service Provider,
the wiring closets of users, or the inhospitable subground and field
conditions where cabling and junctions can be installed.
A tool for the line installer
Soft keys
◆ Rapid one-button checks in TE mode for the verification of line configuration, channel availability, service availability and line quality
◆ NT ‘S’ mode simulation to check the operation of S-Bus connections
◆ NT ‘U’ mode to check the quality of the U-interface local loop
◆ Unattended operation enables the technician to position test units
strategically to aid identification of non-localised faults –
a one-operator function
◆ LT mode to qualify local loops in absence of Exchange Line Cards
A tool for the Equipment Provider and Maintainer
◆ Use the auroraSonata to validate pre-delivery configuration of
Terminal Equipment without attaching to the network avoiding
expensive calls to the Network
◆ Use NT mode to check operation of Terminal Equipment following
installation before final connection to the Network
◆ Use of the Real-time monitor and decode to isolate intermittent
protocol problems or non-recognisable errors
A tool for the ISDN End User
Interface panel
with activity LEDs
◆ Easy and intuitive to use for all IT personnel
◆ Pre-emptive testing for ISDN backup applications
◆ Use as an arbitration tool when confronted with operation
problems regarding line versus terminal equipment to identify
problem source
technical specification
Test Measurements
Physical: Power Source detection and voltage measurement (normal and restricted), Line Activation Status
Voice: Up to 18 teleservices on all B Channels. DTMF Tone Generation. A Law and Mu Law encoding.
Data: G.821 BERT with Error Injection. Variable duration – 10s, 1 min, 15 min, 1 hr, continuous, user
defined. Displays Error Free Seconds, Errored Seconds, Severely Errored Seconds, Bit Error rate,
Unavailable Seconds. In addition prints Bit Count, Error Count, Sync Loss Count, Degraded Minutes with
timestamps via RS232.
Protocol: Realtime Display of D-Channel Decode in Simulation and Monitor. Decode via RS232 for output
to Printer, PC or auroraExpert for Windows. Display of CLI, COL, CPN, charging and other supplementary
service information.
Physical Specification
1.1kg with S interface
285mm(l) x 100mm(w) x 87mm(d)
61mm x 41mm, 8 rows x 21 chars
4 “Soft” Function keys
10 Alphanumeric keys plus * and #
SCROLL keys plus ENTER
6 dedicated keys for Power On, Hands Free, Escape, Channel,
Select Shift and Window Select
ISDN Activation States, Error Detection, D Channel Status,
Battery Low, BERT Sync, Active interface
Electrical Interfaces:
Bi-directional 8 pin mini DIN socket operating at 2.4, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6
or 115.2 Kbps
DC inlet 14v input from AC/DC charger/adaptor. Normal operational power
provided by NiMH battery
Operational conditions:
-15oC to 55oC
-25oC to 70oC
200Kb Flash memory for decode storage, expandable to 2Mb
Standard Equipment
Trend auroraSonata unit with software including simulation, monitoring, supplementary service support
Rechargeable battery pack
Lightweight universal AC/DC power adaptor/charger
Operating manual
Carry case
2 year warranty
Luxury Carry Case
Spare 4Ah Battery
Auxiliary power box for `S’ Bus powered Terminal Equipment
Auxiliary power box for `Up0’ Bus powered Terminal Equipment
Vehicle charger adapter
Menu Language
User upgrade language
RJ45 T-Piece for monitoring
auroraExpert for Windows decode package
Trend Distributor
To arrange a demonstration or to obtain more information on the Trend
auroraSonata or any of Trend’s other test equipment, contact your nearest
Trend Distributor.
Trend Communications reserves the right to change this specification
without prior notice.
Trend Communications Ltd
Knaves Beech Estate
Loudwater, High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP10 9QZ UK
Tel: +44 1628 524977
Fax: +44 1628 810094
Telex: 849408
email: [email protected]
Offices in Germany, France and USA
Trend aurora is a Registered Trade Mark of Trend Communications Ltd
auroraSonata – Basic Rate Specification
The auroraSonata with the Basic Rate Options provides the ISDN technician with the capability to
identify any problem associated with the Basic Rate Integrated Services Digital Network.
This rugged unit has been designed to be used within any environment experienced by the
field technician from line installation to pre delivery configuration and intermittent fault
investigation on Terminal Equipment.
Basic Rate Configurations
The auroraSonata is modularly designed so it can be made available in a wide variety of
configurations to meet your Basic Rate test requirements. A full range of configurations and
operation modes are offered:
◆ ‘S’ only for NT/TE Simulation and Monitoring on the ‘S/T’ reference point
◆ ‘S+U’ for ‘NT Swap-Out’ Mode, NT/TE Simulation and Monitoring on the ‘S’ reference point,
NT/LT Simulation on the ‘U’ reference point
◆ ‘Dual U’ interfaces for NT/LT Simulation and Monitoring on the ‘U’ reference point
◆ ‘U’ only for NT/LT emulation on the U reference point
Operating Modes
The aurora can Simulate on the ‘S/T’ or ‘U’ reference points allowing a full combination of TE, NT
and LT modes. This means the auroraSonata can test virtually any point on the ISDN. The unique ‘One Button
Test Suites’ can verify B Channel Provisioning, Line Quality, Teleservice and Supplementary Service
◆ TE Mode. Simulates the TE towards the NT and ISDN on the S/T Reference Point and can verify ISDN
service provisioning and availability.
◆ NT ‘S’ Mode. Simulates the NT on the ‘S/T’ Reference Point and verifies operation of TE without making
expensive calls into the ISDN.
◆ NT ‘U’ Mode. Simulates the NT towards the exchange on the ‘U’ Reference Point and verifies operation over the
twisted pair ‘local loop’.
◆ LT Mode. Simulates the LT on the ‘U’ Reference Point in absence of an Exchange Line Card. EOC commands
loop the NT to perform local loop tests.
The auroraSonata can monitor voice and D Channel Signalling on the ‘S/T’ and ‘U’ Reference Points, allowing you
to trouble shoot in-service ISDN lines anywhere on the network. D-Channel decode is displayed on screen in
real-time and can be saved in memory or downloaded to the auroraExpert for Windows package for detailed
◆ ‘S/T’ Monitoring. Connects passively to the ‘S/T’ Reference Point for trouble shooting between the TE and
the NT.
◆ ‘U’ Monitoring. Connects actively to the ‘U’ reference point as a ‘U-Interface Repeater’ for trouble shooting
between the NT and the Exchange.
NT ‘Swap Out’ Mode
‘NT Swap Out’ Mode allows you to troubleshoot faulty NT1s. By Replacing a suspected faulty NT1 it is possible to
view the D-Channel Signalling on the screen in real-time, whilst normal call establishment is allowed to proceed
over the Network.
Up to 7 protocols may be held in the auroraSonata at a time making the auroraSonata truly versatile for use
around the World.
ETSI with SwissNet, BTNR and EDSS1 variations
TN1R6-T & TN1R6-N
CorNet-T & CorNet-N
Supplementary Services
◆ Comprehensive Supplementary Service Support (Protocol Specific): Multiple Subscriber Numbering, Direct
Dial In, CLIP, COLP, Subaddressing, Call Hold, 3 Party Call, Conference Call, Call Forwarding, Call Deflection,
Explicit Call Transfer, Call Completion Busy Subscriber, Call Waiting, Malicious Call Id, CLIP(R), COLP (R),
Terminal Portability, Closed User Groups, Keypad Stimulus Protocol, Advice of Charge, User to User Signalling.
Additional Basic Rate Features
◆ One Button Tests including X.25 TEI, Supplementary Services, 18 Teleservices, Channel Availability and
Configuration, Line Quality (BERT)
◆ X.25 Packet test capability for B and D channel X.25 with throughput test capability
◆ 2 simultaneous Voice/Data Calls with 128k BERT – Prove line quality using BERT even with lines only
configured to use speech teleservices
◆ Context Sensitive LEDs
– Activation state of the BRI ISDN
– D Channel Activity indication
– NEBE/FEBE error detection and indication on 2B1Q
◆ On Screen Layer 2 and 3 status indication and incoming call B channel indicator
◆ Line Voltage Measurement and Display for Power Source 1 and 2
◆ Call Screening on CLI and CPN ensuring correct TE identity
◆ Number Type and Plan
◆ 10 number store for CPN Recall
◆ External NT Clock Input on ‘S’ interface
◆ 40Khz Tone generation for TIMS test
◆ ‘S’ & ‘U’ interface Power Feed option – Test devices which normally depend on line power
BERT patterns
◆ Binary 0, binary 1, 1:1, 1:3, 3:1, 63 pr, 511 pr, 2047 pr
Physical Connections
◆ ‘S’ Interface – 8 Pin RJ45
◆ Clock Input Connector on ‘S’ interface – 4 Pin FCC68 4-4
◆ ‘U’ Interface – 4 Pin FCC68 4-4
◆ ‘S/T’ Interface to CTR 3
◆ 2B1Q ‘U’ Interface to ANSI T1.601, ETSI ETR 080
◆ 4B3T ‘U’ Interface to ETSI ETR 080
To arrange a demonstration or to obtain more information on the Trend
auroraSonata or any of Trend’s other test equipment, contact your nearest
Trend Distributor.
Trend Communications reserves the right to change this specification
without prior notice.
Trend Communications Ltd
Knaves Beech Estate
Loudwater, High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP10 9QZ UK
Tel: +44 1628 524977
Fax: +44 1628 810094
Telex: 849408
email: [email protected]
Offices in Germany, France and USA
Trend aurora is a Registered Trade Mark of Trend Communications Ltd
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