Fan Controller Instructions
Installation Instructions
Adjustable Electric Fan Controller
Parts Included:
Tools Required
1 x Fan Control Module
1 x 40/60 Amp Relay
1 x Wire Harness with Push-in Probe
1 x 5’ 12Ga. Red Wire
3 x #10 Sheet Metal Screws
2 x Blue Butt Connectors
1 x Blue 5/16” Ring Terminal
1 x Blue #10 Ring Terminal
1 x Blue Wire Tap Cannector
1 x Red Butt Connectors
4 x 4” Wire Ties
5/32” Drill Bit
Teflon Tape
12V Test Light
Standard Screw Driver (5/16” Nut Driver)
Standard Screw Driver (1/8” Wide Blade)
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimping Tool
3/4” Open End Wrench
This unit utilizes a GROUND switching circuit.
The Unit will activate the Electric Fan(s) at one set temperature. It is not designed to have two
activating temperature set points. Please read instructions carefully to insure proper installation.
This unit is designed to control up to 2 electric fans with a combined maximum draw of 25
continuous amps. If fans exceed 25 amps combined, we recommend installing one controller per fan.
Control Module Installation
Choose a convenient location, preferably
along the vehicles core support near the
battery. Take in consideration probe
placement and wire routing requirements.
Avoid mounting near HOT engine
components or a location that would be in
direct contact with water or road debris.
40/60 Amp Relay
Wire Harness
Using the module as a template, mark and
drill two 5/32” holes in the proper location.
Using the two #10 sheet metal screws
supplied, secure the unit in place.
Rubber Adjustment Plug
Fan Control Module
#10 Sheet Metal Screws
Installation Instructions
Adjustable Electric Fan Controller
Thermostat Probe Installation
Insert the push-in temperature probe between
the fins of the radiator core, preferably located
close to the water inlet near the radiator tank.
Push-in Probe
The temperature probe should not extend
out of the radiator core more than 1/4”
and should fit securely in place.
While installing temperature probe, do not use sharp
objects or install in a location with water. Probe will be
damaged by water.
Before starting, disconnect the Negative (-) cable
on the vehicle’s battery.
Plug the wire harness into the fan control module.
Using the electrical connectors and wire ties
provided, follow the instructions below.
Red (Loose Wire):
Using the Blue 5/16” Ring Terminal
provided, attach one end of the red
loose wire to the vehicles Positive
(+) terminal on the battery.
Loose “Red” Wire
Positive (+) Battery
Using the Blue Butt Connector
provided, attach the other end of
the loose red wire to the positive
(+) lead on the electric fan.
Negative (-) Fan
30 Amp Fuse
Red (Fused Harness Wire):
Using the Blue #10 Butt Connector
provided, attach the Red wire to
the Negative (-) lead on the electric
fan. If you are running two fans,
the red wire can be connected in
parallel to both Negative (-) fan leads.
(+) 12V Switched
Chassis Ground (-)
Override Circuit
Black Wire:
Using the Blue Ring Terminal provided, attach the black wire to a good chassis ground.
Yellow Wire:
Using the Red Butt Connector provided, attach the yellow wire to a positive (+) switched ignition source.
If yellow wire is connected to a constant power source the electric fan will run after vehicle is shut off and could drain battery.
Installation Instructions
Adjustable Electric Fan Controller
Green Wire:
The green wire is designed to work optionally. When used, this will allow the fan(s) to be turned on
regardless of the temperature of the thermostat as it simply overrides all other functions. If you choose
to not use this option, cut any exposed copper and tape, or shrink wrap, the end of the wire.
A/C Override - Using the Blue Wire Tap provided, attach the green wire to the positive lead on the air
conditioning compressor.
Temperature Adjustment
Adjustment range is 3/4 turn total rotation. Do not force past the stop or risk voiding warranty!
Remove the Rubber Adjustment Plug on the Control Module.
Turn adjustment screw counter clockwise to lower the fan turn-on temperature.
Turn adjustment screw clockwise to raise the fan turn-on temperature.
Replace the Rubber Adjustment Plug.
Vehicle Testing
Before you start the vehicle, make sure all wires are safely zip tied and away from any
moving parts.
Start the vehicle.
If the electric fan has not turned on, take a Screw Driver and turn the Adjustment
Screw counter clockwise in small increments until fan starts.
Allow the electric fan to run and shut off automatically, and possibly cycle on again. If
the electric fan turns on too early, turn the Adjustment Screw clockwise.
Once you have the fan cycling on and off using the control module, take the vehicle
for a short test drive. For personal preference, some adjusting may still be necessary.
Make sure the Rubber Adjustment Plug is securely in Place.
Trouble Shooting
Q : Why doesn’t the fan turn on automatically?
A : Check all the connectors to make sure contacts are crimped correctly. Check the
ground connection to make sure all paint is sanded off and you are getting a metal to
metal contact. Using a 12V Test Light, check to make sure the fan has power on the
Positive (+) fan lead even when the vehicle is off.
Q : Why does the fan run after the engine is turned off?
A : Check the Yellow Wire, this wire should be connected to a switched ignition source.
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