vextor® vx-101 pan tilt head

vextor® vx-101 pan tilt head
VEXTOR® system compatible
Can link up to 32 total devices on one RS-485
control chain or be directly controlled by
computer using RS-232 protocol
Worm gear driven for smooth, accurate,
repeatable performance
Vector solving operation in manual or preset
128 presets per head, stored internally in nonvolatile memory
Extremely quiet operation in upright or inverted
Will handle camera and lens combinations
weighing up to 12 lbs.
Built in 12VDC 5A camera power supply
Optional VX-CCB-101 camera control module for
integrated remote camera control of selected
Hitachi, Sony cameras using Vextor® system
controllers, PC software, or AMX and Crestron
control systems
Control software available for Windows NT/
2000/XP™ compatible PC’s
5 pin connector on base allows for easy connection of power and control lines-NO SOLDERING NEEDED!
Video and Genlock connections made at base
are passed through head to camera--no cables
to get caught when panning or tilting
Pre-built camera control /power harness, and
camera mount provided with each head
All needed connectors for power and control
are included
The Vextor® VX-101 pan-tilt head is a quiet,
easy to use unit. It will find acceptance in
many areas, a few of which are teleconferencing, city council meeting broadcasting, distance learning, surgical documentation, local
access cable broadcasting, and entertainment
The VX-101’s compact size allows for placement in out of sight areas, so as not to disturb
participants in meetings and classes. It has an
available wall mount or ceiling mount adapter
to fit into many different applications.
The head has very good motion characteris-
tics, with a range of motion of up to 360° in
pan and +/- 120° in tilt. The unit has three
overall speed ranges at up to 30° per second
in both pan and tilt. Speed is completely
variable from zero to full based on proportional digital joystick input.
Up to 128 different preset combinations of
position and lens settings can be memorized
by the head. All are stored in non-volatile
memory inside each head, and can easily be
recalled at any time.
The Vextor® VX-101 is for camera / lens
combinations of up to 12 pounds (5.4 kg).
Weight: about 9 pounds (4.0 kg)
VX-500TS Color TouchScreen controller
Maximum load: 12 pounds (5.4 kg)
VX-C desktop pan-tilt controller
Pan range: ± 179 degrees
VX-CC desktop camera controller
Tilt range: ± 120 degrees
VX-CCB-101 camera control module (internal
option in head)
Pan and tilt speed: 0 to 30° per second,
infinitely variable
PS-24-12 quad 3A output power supply
Accuracy of preset position recall: ± 5 arc
minutes ( .083 degrees)
PS-6.5 single 6.5A output power supply
Max. number of preset positions: 128
VX-T2 one input, six output control and power
splitter box
Requires 24VDC power, minimum 2.5A: max
draw with camera: 4.5
Worm gear drive with high-torque stepper
Uses RS-485 or RS-232 communications
protocol; no adapters required
Provides 12VDC camera power at up to 5
amps (cameras drawing more than 2 amps
require usage of PS24-6.5 power supply)
VX-SB “Shot Box” motion control recorder
VX-WM-L wall mount arm
VX-CMA-101 ceiling mount adapter base for
1.5” NPT pipe
VX-AAM Auto answer modem, includes one
VX-RSA serial adapter
VX-MP-1 control multiplexer; allows multiple
controllers on single RS-485 backbone
VX-CSI contact closure interface
Vextor™ products are designed and manufactured and
distributed by Display Devices Inc., Arvada CO USA 80003
Call toll free 1-877-862-6865 for a dealer near you: outside
the Continental US, call 1-303-412-0399
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