Philips HP4983, 0640555 Datasheet

Philips HP4983, 0640555 Datasheet
Philips SalonDry Control
SalonDry Control
The dryer that gives the results you want
Professional results
• Narrow concentrator for precise styling
• Powerful 2100 W dryer
• Volume diffuser for curls and bouncy styles
• Ion conditioning for frizz-free, shiny hair
Easy to use
• 6 heat/speed settings for full flexibility
• Inlet grille can be opened for easy cleaning
• Hanging loop for easy storage
• Long cord for maximum flexibility
Long lasting styles
• Cool shot sets your styles
Product highlights
Technical Specifications
Voltage: 220-240 V
Material housing styler: ABS
Cord length: 2,0 m
Power: 2100 W
Dimensions and weight
Weight of net product incl. attachments: 657 g
F-box dimensions: 310x120x240 mm
Weight F-box incl. product: 1010 g
A-box dimensions: 630x375x261 mm
Weight A-box: 6980 g
Number of F-boxes in A-box: 6
• Replacement
• Quantity: 1200x800
• Number of A-boxes per layer: 3
• Number of layers: 7
Logistic data
12NC code: 88449830001
EAN F-box: See pacdoc for your country
EAN A-box: See pacdoc for your country
Country of origin: PRC
Issue date 2007-12-12
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Version: 4.1
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2100 W dryer
The combination of heat and superior airflow brings you
the quickest way to dry your hair
Ion conditioning
Streams of ions are generated that condition your hair
and reduce frizz and static electricity, leaving your hair
looking loft, smooth and shiny
6 heat/speed settings
3 heat/2 speed settings give 6 possible settings to dry and
pre-style your hair the way you like it
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