How to configure Elatec TWN4 card reader

How to configure Elatec TWN4 card reader
How to configure Elatec TWN4 card reader
Download the DevPack from
1. Connect card reader to PC.
2. If PC connected to internet then Windows Update may automatically find the driver
otherwise go to device manager and find TWN4 reader (usually for first time installation of
driver you will detect reader as HID keyboard with vendor ID 0x09D8, product ID 0x410 or
0x420 depending on installed firmware).
3. Select only Driver folder from TWN4DevPack149, and check include subfolders.
4. Browse TWN4DevPack149 and launch Director Program.
5. Click Connect button and select ID format you like.
6. Put card on the reader and press Search Tag button to see the output. This card is HID Prox
7. Browse TWN4DevPack149 and launch AppBlaster program and enter settings as shown in
8. Click “Start New Project”.
9. Select the settings as shown in the screenshot. Select the desired output format then press
Blast button.
10. Director program told me the card I have is HID Prox, 26 bit.
11. Output Bits is configured to read from 9th bit and the next 16 bits. This is done to ignore the
facility number as we are only concerned with card number.
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