BS-2 Analog Audio Cable
Analog Audio Cable
The BS-2 is an excellent audio cable for analog connections with particularly high requirements to
the sound quality. This Cinch cable is very similar to our B-62, is developed however mechanically
still more stable and differs additionally by a second braided shield. The outside shield consists of
silvered copper. For the inside shield pure copper is used. This provides for a substantially slighter
resistance and therefore smaller ground potential difference between the devices connected by
the BS-2. At the same time an excellent HF shielding is reached.
The BS-2-Cable with its low capacity and
outstanding low loss design is specially
recommended for high quality audio connections between unbalanced analog audio
devices. This cable has a solid copper plated
center conductor and possesses as speciality a
particularly low-loss air dielectric design! The
structure as well as the combination of this
dielectric with the close and low impedance
screen result in an optimal transmission of
sensitive audio signals. We recommend this
cable particularly for the "High End" user.
The BS-2 with our A-62 and B-62 belongs to the state off the art cables for unbalanced audio
equipment. In relation to usual audio lines this cable has only 1/3 of the loss in comparison to
other cables. Special recommendation for low impedance sources and for critical high impedance
outputs up to several kΩ. Outstanding quality is achieved when you connect the pick-up system to
the Phono preliminary stage with the BS-2.
For this cable we use high-quality, mechanically very stable fully metal coaxial connectors with a
quadruple slit, slightly flexible mass ring. Beside a solid mechanical connection this guarantees
also an excellent bonding between socket and cable shield. The RCA plug is still shorter than the
one on the A-62, whereby the lever force at the socket is continued to reduce over the cable.
To minimize resistance and oxidation the contacts of the connector are gold plated The isolation
material is PTFE. The plug is silver colored. The strain relief is implemented as concentric clamping
device. The flexibility is rather low because of the double shield construction. A bending radius of
100 mm should be kept.
The cable is available in lengths from 0.3 m to 8.0 m as stereo pair (two individual, colorcoded
lines). Optionally also on one side with Neutrik XLR plug connectors for unbalanced connections
This cable is not suitable for digital audio signals!
Technical data:
Capacitance :
Inductance at
center conductor :
Inductance at 10kHz shield :
DC-Resistance center conductor
DC-Resistance shield :
max. bending radius :
Cable diameter :
Diameter plugs :
Plug length :
Funk Tonstudiotechnik
10997 Berlin
42 pF/m
1,4 µH/m
0,9 µH/m
< 130 mΩ/m
< 6 mΩ/m
100 mm
7,6 mm
14 mm
32 mm
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