How to Record a Video using PCAP

How to Record a Video using PCAP
A microphone is required to record with PCAP, without a microphone attached the record button will appear greyed out.
A webcam is not mandatory to run PCAP, as a connected microphone will allow users to record their desktop (including
2 desktops on dual monitor machines). A webcam will be required to record a talking head style presentation, which can
be used as the video or in conjunction with a desktop capture.
A list of compatible webcams for Windows can be found here:
A list of compatible webcams for Mac OSX can be found here:
This guide assumes that the user already has an Echo360 account at the University of Wollongong.
Login to Echo360
Enter UOW username and password.
Enter a title for the recording
The title should reflect the subject matter and ideally the format will remain constant across recordings to aid
students in finding the appropriate resources.
Select the Quality for the recording
There are three predefined options available for the quality; Low, Medium and High Quality. For podcasts it is
recommended that HIGH is selected as the output file size will be smaller as there is no video.
Select the microphone input to be used
In this example there is only one microphone option to select from
Check the microphone levels and adjust accordingly
The microphone level should be between half way mark (yellow) and three quarters mark (orange). If the
microphone has a volume control adjust it to suit. If the microphone does not have a volume control the
microphone may need to be moved closer or further away from the user.
Select the Primary Video source
In this example, two monitors and a webcam are connected to the computer. They appear as Primary Display
and Secondary Display and HD Webcam.
If no source is selected as the Video source an audio only podcast may still be recorded.
(Optional) Select a Webcam source
It is possible to record a webcam in addition to recording the Primary Display or Secondary Display.
Click Record
Recordings must be a minimum of 15 seconds in length to be processed by Echo360. Recordings may be
edited using the PCAP interface if required.
(Optional) Click Pause to temporarily stop the recording. It is possible to Resume recording from a paused
10. When the recording is completed click Stop
The recording can now be edited if required and published to the Echo360 block in Moodle.
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