Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430

Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430
Fast and cost-efficient performance
Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430
Straightforward productivity
High-speed printing does not have to be expensive. The Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430 offer
excellent value for your money. Printing an impressive 90 pages per minute, these systems are
both reliable and user-friendly. Adding spot colours or editing documents for a professional
look is easy. The duplicators turn into extra fast printers when upgraded with a PC controller.
• High performance.
• Smart paper feed.
• Easy colour drum change.
• Several editing functions.
• Optional PC controller.
Quality at low cost
• Attain excellent productivity levels at 90 prints per minute.
• Job flow from master-making to printing takes only one minute.
• Turn your duplicator into a high-speed printer with the optional PC controller.
Spot colour printing becomes uncomplicated and inexpensive with the DX 2330/DX 2430. The colour
drum is easy to change. Ten standard colour inks and unlimited custom tints are available. The devices
offer a fine 300 dpi print quality. You obtain the best images printing directly from your PC with the
optional PC controller.
• New ink pump: reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability.
• Reliable paper feed: separation mechanism, adjustable feed pressure.
Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430
• Enlarge, reduce or combine originals without creating a second-generation original on PC.
• Get fine print results with mixed documents by using Photo/letter mode.
Do you use light paper types? With the DX 2330/DX 2430 your productivity is never compromised.
The systems automatically detect a misfeed and instruct the feed system to retry. The DX 2330/DX 2430
handle paper as light as 35 g/m² without any problems.
Lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. A duplicator’s printing
process requires no heat. For that reason, the DX 2330/DX 2430 use significantly less electricity
than conventional printers. Digital duplication goes easy on the environment – and on your pocket.
Lack of emissions ensures a healthy and sustainable work environment.
Priport™DX 2330/DX 2430
Printing process:
Original size:
Print paper size:
Print paper weight:
Print area:
Print speed:
First print speed:
Image modes:
Image position:
Reproduction ratios:
Colour printing:
Paper feed/
delivery table capacity:
Power source:
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Digital, desktop
Fully-automatic one-drum stencil system
Sheet (one original sheet only)
Minimum: 90 x 140 mm
Maximum: 275 x 395 mm
Minimum: 90 x 140 mm
Maximum: 275 x 395 mm
35.0-127.9 g/m²
DX 2330: Maximum 210 x 355 mm
DX 2430: Maximum 250 x 355 mm
60 - 90 sheets per minute (2 steps)
Less than 45 seconds
300 x 300 dpi
Letter mode, Photo mode, Photo/Letter mode
Vertical: ± 10 mm
Horizontal: ± 10 mm
Pre-set enlargement: 115, 122, 141%
Pre-set reduction: 71, 82, 87, 93%
By replacing colour drum
Auto background correction, auto cycle, photo/letter mode, tint mode, SP mode
(for technical service use only), combine two originals, spot colour printing with
optional colour drum units.
500 sheets (80 g/m²)
220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Maximum: Master making: less than 175 W
Printing: Less than 175 W (at 90 sheets per minute)
Standby: 35 W
1,232 x 672 x 519 mm
55 kg
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software, please consult your
local Ricoh supplier.
Network controller printer unit type VC-20
Interface board type 20
Colour drum type 20 (A4/B4)
Priport™ master type TT3 (100 masters per roll, A4/B4)
Priport™ black ink type TT3 (500 ml)
Digital Duplicator colour ink type II (600 ml): red, blue, yellow, green, purple, navy,
brown, maroon, orange, teal
CM ink (custom-made colours, 500 ml)
Ricoh has designed these products to meet EC ENERGY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency.
ISO9001: 2000 certified ISO14001 certified
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