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I-5590 "Chameleon" - Westpoint Peripherals Ltd
I-5590 "Chameleon"
IBM 3422, 3480, 3490
Compatible Tape System
Supported Tape Systems
The I-5590 “Chameleon” is a universal tape system for IBM Mainframes
and Midrange Systems, providing full backward compatibility for 18 and
36 track tape cartridges as well as for 1/2 inch open reel tapes.
StorageTek 9840, NCTP, AIT, DLT, IBM 3570, Optical Disks, DVD and CD’s
are also supported.
One Size Fits All
There are still millions of 9 track open reel
tapes in the archives and 9 track tapes are
still used for data exchange. IBM terminated shipment of 9 track tape systems 20
years ago. The existing field units are worn
out, short of spare parts, expensive to
maintain and consume costly floor space
and power. The same is principally true for
18 and 36 track tape cartridge systems.
The I-5590 “Chameleon” is the first and
only universal tape system, maintaining all
common tape and optical disk formats. By
consolidating multiple tape environments
with the I-5590 tape system, the user will
save a significant amount of money and
floor space. Due to the fault tolerant control unit with modern streaming tape unit
technol-ogy, users will experience better
reliability and higher availability.
Full backward compatibility is provided to
IBM 3422, 3480 and 3490 compatible
tapes. Other supported technologies include
StorageTek 9840, NCTP, DLT, AIT, IBM 3570,
Optical Disk and DVD.
Connectivity to Mainframes, Midrange
Systems, UNIX and Windows NT is provided
via ESCON, Block Multiplex Channel, FIPS
60 Channel and SCSI.
9 Track Open Reel Tape Drive
The I-5590 Model 422 is the only 9 track
tape system available with an ESCON interface. It is IBM 3422 compatible and supports all common densities, including 6250,
1600 and 800 bits per inch. Tape speed is
100 inches per second. Modern streaming
technology with automatic tape loading is
18 Track Cartridge Tape Drive
The I-5590 Model 480 is the only 18 track
tape cartridge system available with an
ESCON interface. It is IBM 3480 compatible
and reads and writes 18 track cartridges.
The sustained data rate is 3 MB/s and the
native cartridge capacity is 200 MB. IDRC
data compression is standard. A 10
Cartridge Autoloader with removable magazine is available as an optional feature.
36 Track Cartridge Tape Drive
The I-5590 Model 490 is IBM 3490 compatible. It writes 36 track tape cartridges
and reads 18 and 36 track cartridges.
Up to 8 Drives
- IBM 3490: 36 Track Cartridge
- IBM 3480: 18 Track Cartridge
- IBM 3422: 9 Track Open Reel
- StorageTek 9840
- AIT2
- Magneto Optical Disk
- DVD and CD-ROM
Software Support
IBM OS/390
IBM AS/400
IBM RS/6000
Siemens BS2000
Windows NT
IBM S/390 Connectivity
- Block Multiplex Channel
AS/400 Connectivity
A/F 6501
A/F 2621
A/F 2420
A/F 2644
RS/6000 Connectivity
I/F 2416
I/F 2420
UNIX and WINDOWS Connectivity
SCSI narrow
SCSI fast/wide
I-5590 “TWIN”
I-5590 Twin.cdr (09-29-1999)
The sustained data rate is 3 MB/s or 6 MB/s
with the Fast Data Rate option. The cartridge
capacity is 800 MB native. IDRC data compression is standard. A 10 Cartridge Autoloader with removable magazine is available
as an optional feature.
Magneto Optical Disk System
The I-5590 Model OD supports 5 1/4"
Magneto Optical Disks, 12 inch Optical Disks,
CD and DVD. The control unit emulates either an IBM 3490 Magnetic Tape System or
an IBM 3995 Optical Disk System. The optical disk system is available, as an array with
up to 32 drives and as a library system with
up to 1,000 optical disks, providing a near
online capacity of 5.2 TB native and up to 15
TB compressed.
Optical disk systems provide faster access to
data and maintain better data integrity than
tape systems. It is the ideal medium for long
term archiving. Supported are "Write Once
Read Multiple" (WORM) as well as rewritable
optical disk cartridges.
Universal Tape Control Unit
The I-5590 “Chameleon” provides an interface between the various tape units for one
or more hosts. It is a multiprocessor control
unit, which includes up to four microprocessor based Channel Directors (CD), an
Administration and Control Unit (ACU) and
one or two Storage Directors (SD).
Two “Chameleons” can be connected
together to build a TWIN System, which
provides higher throughput, more connectivity and fault tolerance. Remote
Diagnostics is a standard feature.
A Channel Director (CD) emulates one
Control Unit Image (either IBM 3490, 3480
or 3422) and provides connectivity to the
host system. Up to four Channel Directors
in a Single System and up to eight Channel
Directors in a TWIN System support
multiple control unit emulations and maintain connectivity to one or more hosts.
Supported interfaces include ESCON and
Block Multiplex Channel. Both channel
types can coexist in the same control unit.
A maximum of 4 Storage Directors (SD)
and 32 drives are accommodated in a
The Administration and Control Unit controls I/O operation, executes error recovery
and provides Remote Service Facility (RSF).
Remote Service Facility can be accessed via
public network and via the internet.
The Storage Director (SD) includes the
device driver and provides connectivity to the
tape drives. A Single Control Unit can be equipped with up to two Storage Directors (SD). Up to
eight tape drives can be connected to one SD,
supporting up to 16 tape drives per Single
Control Unit and 32 tape drives per TWIN.
Library Control
Magnetic Tape Libraries and Optical Disk
Jukeboxes are supported by Intercom's
I-6594 Control Unit. The I-5590 can be upgraded to an I-6594.
IBM S/390 Connectivity
The "Chameleon" provides connectivity to S/390,
Amdahl, HDS, Siemens BS2000, Bull, Unisys and
Tandem with up to four or eight ESCON and/or
Block Multiplex Channel interfaces. Up to four
cached Storage Directors (SD) maintain connectivity to a total of 16 tape drives. Tape drives for
dif-ferent tape formats can coexist on the same
control unit.
Connectivity to AS/400, RS/6000,
UNIX and Windows
The tape system connects to AS/400 (Attachment
Features 6501, 2621, 2420 and 2644), to
RS/6000 (Attachment Feature 2416, 2420), UNIX
systems and Windows via wide or narrow SCSI.
An I-5590 "Chameleon" tape subsystem can
include two Open Reel drives, two
18 track cartridge drives and two 36 track cartridge drives, all managed by the same control
unit with ESCON or Block Multiplex Channel
interface. This configuration han-dles all the
outside - of -library needs of a data center.
Control Unit
Total Number of Channels
Total Number of Storage Directors
Number of supported Devices
Control Unit Emulation
Channel Type
Supported Tape Formats
Form Factor
IBM 3422, IBM 3480, IBM 3490, IBM 3995
ESCON, Block Multiplex, FIPS 60, SCSI
36 and 18 Track
9 Track Open Reel
19”, 5 EIA Units
19”, 10 EIA Units
90 - 230 V, 200 W
90 - 230 V, 400 W
35 lb. (16 kg)
70 lb. (32 kg)
Cartridge Tape Drives
36 Track Unit
Write Format
Cartridges Read Format
Cartridge Capacity
Sustained Data Rate
Interface Burst Rate
With Fast Data Rate Option
Tape Speed (read and write)
With Fast Data Rate Option
Tape Speed (rewind and locate)
With Fast Data Rate Option
Data Compression
Data Buffer
Cartridge Loader
Form Factor w/o Cartridge Loader
Form Factor with Cartridge Loader
Weight w/o Cartridge Loader
Weight with Cartridge Loader
36 Track
18 Track
36/18 Track
18 Track
800 MB to 2400 MB*
200 MB to 800 MB*
3 MB/s to 4.5 MB/s*
3 MB/s to 4.5 MB/s*
20 MB/s
20 MB/s
6 MB/s to 9 MB/s*
2 m/s
2 m/s
4 m/s
4 m/s
4 m/s
6 m/s
2 MB, 4 MB optional
10 Cartridges with removable Magazine
19 inch rack mountable unit, 6 EIA High Units
19 inch rack mountable unit, 12 EIA High Units
23 lb. (11 kg)
56 lb. (25 kg)
90 to 260V, 80W (110W with Fast Data Rate Option)
* 3:1 compressed
9 Track Open Reel Tape Drive
Tape Loading
Tape Speed
Reel Size
Data Format and Data Rate
Load Time
Rewind Time
Form Factor
Self Threading / Auto Loading
100 inches per second streaming
Computer grade half-inch magnetic tape ANSI-X3.40,1976
6 inch to 10,5 inch diameter
6250 bpi
625 KB/s
1600 bpi
160 KB/s
800 bpi (read only) 80 KB/s
25 seconds maximum
180 seconds for 2400 foot tape
19 inch rack mountable unit, 6 EIA High Units
83.6 lbs (38 kg)
110/220V, 50 - 60 Hz, 500 Watt maximum.
Desk Top Version
Other Tape Formats and Optical Disk are available on request
Form Factor
19 Inch, 84 EIA High Units
145 lb. (70 kg)
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