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Case 5 - Help and Contact | BT Business
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Case 5. BT ADSL Routers IG2700 (BT Business Hub) configuration
to allow a BT Versatility Broadband Module (BBM) IP Gateway
connection for IP Trunks (VoIP) and IP Extensins when the
Broadband line has a single static IP address provided.
2Wire IG
and other
The 2WIRE IG2700 ADSL routers must be configured to allow VoIP traffic to pass from it to the BTV BBM
IP Gateway. In the default configuration the VoIP traffic does not pass successfully and VoIP service is
severely restricted (no transmission).
Configuring the IG2700 for this purpose is not a part of the BBM installation and configuration. BT will not
undertake to do this work unless instructed to do so by the customer and the work is then charged for in
addition to the scheduled work. The information provided here is for guidance only.
The IG2700 network security (Firewall) is the responsibility of the customer and no changes to this must
be made without the customers permission.
(This instruction assumes Internet access is available on the IG2700 LAN and restrictions in place are the
IG2700 default restrictions.)
Follow the separate instruction to configure the BBM (BTV VoIP using the IP gateway) and connect the
BBM and the IG2700 as shown above.
It is assumed the 2Wire router is the DHCP server. In situations where the 2Wire router is not the DHCP
server this Case Study cannot be followed. In such situations we cannot advise a suitable connection
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IP Trunks - Configuring the 2WIRE IG2700
The IG2700 can be programmed from a PC connected on the LAN using a Browser application (e.g.
Internet Explorer). See the IG2700 User guide for full information on connection and configuration. This
instruction only covers information relevant to configuring the IG2700 to allow VoIP (IP Trunk and
Extensions) traffic through to the BTV BBM.
On a Browser on a PC connected to the LAN on the IG2700 connect to the IG2700 programming
interface. This can be done by either typing http://home/ or by typing the IP address of the IG2700
Default Gateway on the Browser address line and selecting Go.
The following page will be displayed:
Select the Firewall Icon option (at the top of the page) and the following page will be displayed.
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Select Allow Applications, Pinholes and DMZ Mode
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This page shows all the devices connected on the LAN. Identify the connection to the BBM, this will have
an IP address as the name. (It may be necessary to examine the BBM configuration Status page to find
the IP address assigned to the IP Gateway in order to identify the device).
Choose the BBM IP address, in the example screenshot above the BBM is using
Scroll down the page to display as below: -
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Select € Allow all applications (DMZplus mode) and select Save
You may be required to enter the BT Business Hub password, enter the password. (For details of
the password consult the BT Business Hub user guide on page 49).
The following page is displayed.
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The BBM should now be Restarted
After the restart the BBM IP Gateway will pick up the same static IP address, default gateway etc.
(provided the BBM IP Gateway is configured for dynamic addressing) as the 2WIRE router WAN. It is this
IP address the V-IP featurephone should be programmed to register to.
The 2WIRE router will also show the 2WIRE router WAN IP address against the BBM on the Local
Network Summery page.
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This completes the IP Trunks configuration.
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