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iPod Quick Guide - NC Learning Resource Center
iPod – Quick Guide
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Step 1: Check Contents
1-30GB iPOD
1-pair of earphones
1-pair of earphone covers
1-Quick Start Guide
1-transfer/charger cable
1-dock supporter stand
1-CD-ROM iTunes Software
Step 2:
• Before connecting the iPOD to your
computer, load the CD-ROM software to
create an iTunes Library, if you already
have an iTunes Library on your computer
you can skip this step and go to Step 4.
Step 3:
• To load software you will need to enter
the iPOD serial number on the back of the
iPOD, and you will need to enter a name.
When you are asked to enter a name enter: Ohlone College Library, your Ohlone College email
address, and you can leave the address section blank. (DO NOT register software to yourself)
Step 4:
• To add items to your iTunes library you can download music, videos, you can load audio
books, or use your own music CDs, or DVDs, and Photos.
• Once you have added content to your iTunes library you can transfer it to your iPOD.
Step 5:
• Connect your iPOD now using the transfer-charger cable.
• Squeeze sides of the cable to insert and release (DO NOT force cable).
• Follow the on-screen instructions to add content to your iPOD.
Note: The iPOD will read do not disconnect until it is completely charged.
iPod Quick Guide
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Step 6: Using the iPOD.
• Insert earphones in the earphone plug-in.
• Use the Hold switch to keep iPod from accidentally turning on in your pocket or bag and
draining the battery.
• When iPod is set to Hold, an orange bar is visible in the Hold switch and a small Lock
icon appears in the upper-left corner of the display.
Step 7: A few basics for using your iPOD:
• To view iPOD screen push the menu button, or the center white button this will activate
your screen. **Remember to check the Hold button to see if it is off or on.
• Your items should be stored in the categories as you loaded them onto the iPOD, to see
if the items are there roll your finger around the circle of the iPOD to select the desired
category, then press the middle white circle button to select.
• The second screen will be based on the category you selected, for example Music shown
• The Back and Forward button will help you move to the next menu.
• To turn off your iPOD hold the Play/Pause Button down until it turns off.
• If you still need more help, please refer to Apple.com for more tutorials.
iPod Quick Guide
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