Ortronics Tool Less Filler Panels
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Tool Less Snap-in Filler Panels
Ortronics® Tool Less Snap-in Filler Panels
are used to fill open rack units in racks and
cabinets where separation of cold air and hot
air is required. They are designed to work with
active equipment as well as Ortronics flat,
angled or curved patch panels.
The Tool Less Snap-in Filler Panels’ unique
patent pending design allows them to snap
into 19” EIA tapped holes or square holes in
the mounting rail. Because no field modification
is required to fit a tapped hole, the panel can
be remounted across different mounting
rails - eliminating the need to stock two different
types of panels. The panel has mounting clips
that accommodate multiple rail thicknesses.
It can be used with mounting rails up to .187”
thick – the typical EIA rack - or mounting rails
as thin as .078”, such as those found in some
server cabinets.
A 1/32” ridge is
designed into the top and
bottom rear edge to seal the gap
between panels and prevent air leaks from
the cold aisle to the hot aisle. This blocks air
leakages without creating tolerance builds when
using multiple filler panels.
Features & Benefits
Fits in a round or square hole – less inventory required because one panel
fits both types of hole
Design does not require field modification – allows remounting across
different mounting rails
Mounting clip accommodates multiple rail thicknesses
Rear edge ridges – seals the cold aisle without creating a tolerance build
Available in both white and black
Ordering Information
19”W x 1.75”H, 1 rack unit, pack of 10, black
19”W x 1.75”H, 1 rack unit, pack of 10, white
19”W x 3.5”H, 2 rack units, pack of 10, black
19”W x 3.5”H, 2 rack units, pack of 10, white
The Ortronics Tool Less Filler Panels
are part of the Layer Zero® solution.
designed to be better.™
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