Ideal Industries 33-770: VDV PRO Cable Tester with One

Ideal Industries 33-770: VDV PRO Cable Tester with One
VDV PRO & IENet™ PRO Cable Testers
n VDV PRO is perfect for
Voice, Data and Video
n VDV PRO supports
RJ-11/12, RJ-45, Coax F,
BNC and RCA connectors
n IENet™ PRO supports RJ-45 and M12 connections
n Both models measure cable
n IENet™ PRO is designed specifically to test Industrial
Ethernet cabling
n Wide, bright backlit screen
n Easy-to-read Pass/Fail
n Displays wire errors
including: Open, Short,
Miswire and Split Pair and
n Multi-tone support for cable
tracing and fault isolation
n Blink network link LED for
visual cable tracing
n NEW Integrated coax -
n NEW IENet™ PRO tests to Profinet® Industrial Ethernet
cabling requirements
VDV PRO Cable Tester
Designed to Support a Full Range of Voice, Data and Video (VDV) Applications
The VDV PRO Cable Tester is an easy-to-use cable testing and verification device that can quickly test all wiring requirements found throughout today’s residential and
commercial environments.
n Voice – tests 3-pair USOC and 6-position RJ-11/12 jacks for voice cable testing
n Data – tests wire map of shielded and unshielded cable to T568A/B standard
n Video – tests coax cable for opens, shorts and length with F-Connector interface
VDV PRO Tester
n Larger backlit LCD screen for better test results readability
n Displays PASS and sounds beep (selectable) for T568A/B
n Selectable backlight
n Will display wire map for 10Base-T and Token Ring with remote connected
n Network link LED blink for visual cable tracing
n UTP, STP, and Coax length measurement in feet or meters using cable
capacitance method
n Coax mapping with up to eight color coded coax remotes.
n Voice testing capability detects RJ-11 (1, 2, or 3 pair)
n Voice test also shows Normal or Reverse for pins 1 through 6
n Length measurement is shown during initial test results for convenience and
time savings
n Eight remotes have RJ-45, RJ-11 and Coax F-jacks for increased testing
n Tests for shield continuity, shorts, opens, miswires, reversals and split pairs
with remote connected
n Full dot-matrix LCD display for user convenience to read display results
n Tone generator mode sends four different tones on all conductors, selected
pair or selected pin
n Auto-off in any mode and low power consumption for long battery life
n Low battery symbol indicates when to change battery
n 9V battery included and easy to change in the future as needed
n Identifies presence of voltage on cables
n One-ended testing for shorts, opens and split pairs (no remote needed)
n Test results displayed in wire map format with message line for shorts
and split pairs
Integrated RJ-11/12 (phone)
RJ-45 (UTP/STP) and Coax
(F-Connector) interfaces
on top of the unit
Compact ergonomic design
puts full-featured VDV
functionality in the palm of
your hand.
Remote ID number on display. UTP indicated as “No
Shield” and STP as “Shield.”
Large backlit LCD displays current test mode, test
results and all faults for the various cable types.
Simple four button operation
Display automatically warns of voltage on lines and
shows a “PASS” or “Miswire” message after each
Dockable remote with RJ-11/12,
RJ-45, and Coax (F-Connector)
Cat. No.
VDV PRO w/one remote and terminator
Remote #1 stores
securely in the base
of the main unit for
ready availablity and
easy patch cable
VDV PRO w/eight remotes and terminators
VDV PRO Eight Remote Kit (ID 1-8)
Eight Coax Terminator Kit
VDV Pro w/one remote and probe
IENet™ PRO Cable Tester
IENet™ PRO - the choice for Industrial Ethernet cable testing
The tester features a unique easy-to-use cable test for 2 pair and 4 pair Industrial Ethernet cabling. With shielded 2 pair, M12 and RJ-45
ports, the IENet™ PRO is compatible with most Industrial Ethernet cabling. Test results are displayed in the PROFINET® Industrial Ethernet
required format.
Instantly Verify Wiring Integrity
The IENet™ PRO tester makes it a snap to quickly verify wiring integrity and assure proper terminations for diverse types of industrial cabling.
n Simple selection between Voice, 2 and 4 pair Data, and Coax testing functions (Voice and Video/Security tests via optional adapters)
n Tests for opens, shorts, miswires, reversals, split pair (user selectable) and length
n Indicates correct wiremap to T568A/B standards for shielded and unshielded cabling
n Easy-to-read LCD display with “PASS” or “Miswire” indicator for each test
n Identifies presence of voltages on cables
Cat. No.
IENet™ PRO w/single remote
n Integrated remote unit to make storage and carrying easier
IENet™ Pro w/eight remotes
n Can support additional optional remotes making it efficient for one
Eight Coax Terminator Kit
IENet™ Pro Eight Remote Kit (ID 1-8)
RJ-45 to RJ-11 jack adapter (2/card)
comply with industrial ethernet PROFINET® requirements
RJ-45 to F-Connector adapter (2/card)
PROFINET® is a registered trademark of PROFIBUS InternationaL.
F to BNC Adapter Kit
n Tone generator supports four different tones making fault isolation easier
person testing
n Network LED blink for visual cable tracing
n Numerical indication for UTP “No Shield” and STP - “Shield” to
Integrated RJ-45 (UTP/STP)
and shielded M12 interfaces
on top of the unit
Compact ergonomic design puts fullfeatured Industrial Ethernet
cable testing in the palm
of your hand.
Large backlit LCD displays user current
test mode, test results and all faults
for the various cable types.
Display automatically warns
of voltage on lines and shows
a Pass or Miswire message
after each test.
Remote ID number indicated on
display, UTP indicated as “No
Shield” and STP as “Shield”
A single button push immediately
selects between VOICE, 2 and 4 pair
DATA or VIDEO testing functions.
Detachable remote with RJ-45 and
shielded M12 Coax interfaces.
CCTV/Security Tester
VDV Multimedia Cable Tester
Easy-to-use tester for installers working with voice, data
and video applications. One tester for all applications!
n V
oice – supports 3-pair USOC and 6-position
RJ-11/12 jacks for telephone cable testing
n D
ata – supports both shielded and unshielded
cable testing to T568A/B (RJ-45)
n V
ideo – tests coax cable for opens and shorts
with F-connector interface
n T
ests for opens, shorts, miswires, reversals
and split pairs. Plus tone and voltage detection.
S even Essential CCTV Tools combine a CCTV
video tester, PTZ camera controller, digital
multimeter, UTP cable tester, video test pattern
generator, PTZ protocol analyzer and camera
programmer in a single compact package.
P eak to Peak voltage (IRE) and audio level
S ave Time & Money – Test, aim, focus and program cameras
when working alone. Save time by not having to walk back to
the control center to verify functionality of each camera.
Cat. No.
VDV Multimedia Cable Tester
SIGNALTEK™-FO Multimedia
Qualification Tester
SIGNALTEK™-FO is the first qualification tester
that offers both copper and fiber optic testing.
F iber Optic and Copper Gigabit Qualification to
IEEE 802.3 standards
E asy reporting and no software required
ultimode and Single Mode capability – Qualify
short and long range fiber cabling up to 10km
P TZ Protocol Analyzer – Compatible with 20+ PTZ protocols to test and
program cameras in the field. Decodes and identifies output from PTZ
console to aid in troubleshooting.
Cat. No.
SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV/Security Tester and Case
LanTEK® II Series
Cable Certifier
B ERT and Optical Attenuation Measurements—
Perform Bit Error Rate Testing and decibel
(dB) loss measurements of optical links
A ctive Port Interface – DHCP, PING and ARP
functions to verify set speed and connected devices
Cat. No.
SIGNALTEK™-FO w/850 Modules
SINGALTEK™-FO w/13X0 Modules
SIGNALTEK™-FO w/850 & 13X0 Modules
SIGNALTEK™-FO w/o Modules (Fiber-Ready)
SIGNALTEK™ Kit (Copper Only)
Models ranging from 350 MHz to 1000 MHz
for Category 6/ISO E through Category 7A/ISO
FA certification
High speed testing saves time and
Stores over 1700 Category 6/ISO E
tests with graphs
Eliminates expensive permanent link
adapters and test with patch cords for
most installation
Extraordinary fast fiber testing with FiberTEK® FDX - the first dual
wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification tool
Large, ultra-bright display - 4.3” wide screen display with white LED
backlighting provides easy viewing of high-frequency data plots
350 MHz & 500 MHz models are fully upgradable to 1000 MHz
Smart lithium-ion battery technology - 18 hour battery life
Cat. No.
LanTEK II-350: TIA/EIA Cat6, ISO Class E certifier w/Cat6 adapters
n Short Attenuation and Event Dead Zones – for
accurate location and characterization of events
n Autotest Function – provides simple
one-button operation
n Fast Data Acquisition – important for
troubleshooting intermittent problems
n Interchangeable Fiber Adapters – easy
on-site replacement
n USB port – convenient data transfer to PC
LanTEK® II-500: TIA/EIA Cat6A, ISO Class EA certifier w/Cat6A
LanTEK® II-1000: TIA/EIA Cat7A, ISO Class F/FA certifier w/Cat6A
Multimode (850/1300nm) kit with LED light sources for standard
multi-mode fiber, 850nm LED, 1300nm LED
Multimode (850/1300nm) kit with VCSEL/laser light sources for
laser optimized fiber, 850nm VCSEL, 1300nm FP laser
Single mode (1310/1550nm) kit with laser light sources for single
mode fiber, 1310nm FP laser, 1550nm FP laser
n Certifying OTDR Option – for tier-2 certification
Combination MM/SM kit with LED MM sources and laser SM
sources (33-990-FA01 & 33-990-FA03)
Combination MM/SM kit with VCSEL/laser MM sources and laser
SM sources (33-990-FA02 & 33-990-FA03)
n Includes Macro Bend detection – accurately detects macro
bends in singlemode fiber
n Fiber Inspection Probe ready – includes port for video inspection probes
Cat. No.
MM OTDR Kit with Macro Bend Detection
Quad OTDR Kit with Macro Bend Detection
Becker Place, Sycamore, IL 60178, USA / 815-895-5181 • 800-435-0705 in USA
International offices:
Australia • Brazil • Canada • China • Germany • Mexico • UK
For complete sales office contact information, visit us at:
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Printed in U.S.A.
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