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One-touch espresso
Patented steam pipe
15-bar, high-pressure brewing
Fully automatic
So simple, so delicious
Push once for your perfect espresso
Philips’ one-touch espresso maker, with a full 15 bar of pressure, gives you delicious
espresso at the push of a button. Beans are ground freshly by the automatic grinder. And
the stainless-steel finishing makes for an eye-catching design.
Tasty cappuccino
• Patented steam pipe for better, easier frothing
• Separate boilers for steam and coffee making
• Fast: direct steam for milk frothing
Delicious results
• 15-bar high-pressure brewing: great aroma and crema layer
• Fully automatic system guarantees consistent taste
• Professional-quality automatic mill to grind fresh beans
• Intelligent pre-brewing for optimal aroma extraction
• Stainless-steel cup warmer, so drinks stay warm longer
• Lots of choice: espresso, cappuccino, café crème and more
Self-explanatory display
• Easily adjustable settings (volume, strength, temperature)
• Preferred settings can be saved
Professional-quality automatic grinder
Cup warmer
One-touch espresso maker
Technical Specifications
Power: 1350 W
Pressure: 15 bar
Water tank: 1.7 l
Coffee bean container: 220 g
Boiler-Thermoblock: Stainless-steel, 2 x
Grinder fineness settings: 13
Design and finishing
• Housing: Brushed stainless-steel, Anti finger print
and easy-to-clean coating
Country of Origin
• Made in: Italy
Issue date 2007-09-11
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