Initial iPad setup iOS7

Initial iPad setup iOS7
Setting up initial iPads. There are a couple of ways to set up bulk iPads - it's faster and more efficient to use a
sync unit (or have our tech team do it!). But you can also set up by simply getting settings
correct on one iPad and repeating for each additional iPad. Here, we highlight the manual
process. Two initial steps:
1. We would have set up your school Apple ID - please have this to hand. Don't be
tempted to use your own! If however you do not have a school AID, you can contact us
to set one up, or simply visit 2. You will need to have access to wireless internet / wifi
When we send you your iTunes account confirmation, open up the first iPad which we will
set up as master and turn it on, swipe and set your language then country in the next
Connect to your wifi network by selecting it, choose enable location services and then 'set
up as new iPad'
Next, choose 'sign in with your existing AppleID' and key in the appleid address and
password we sent you, and select to accept all terms and conditions. iPad initial setup
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In the next screen, select don't use iCloud. Now set find my iPad to DON'T USE. Very important next step - 'Don't add passcode'. In
the next screen choose automatically send. Now just tap 'Get started' and you are almost there. You'll be greeted with the main iPad
iPad initial setup
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One last step. Switch on automatic download of apps. Go to settings > iTunes and App
store and slide apps to ON.
If you want to use this first iPad as a template, you should set up all of our recommended
default settings - just ask us for the details.
Now, simply set up all iPads using the exact same settings.
Want to add credit from vouchers? Tap App store, scroll right down to the bottom and tap
'Redeem' and key in the code from your voucher. Need help? Call us - 02890 020395 . We can help by phone or at the school.
Check our sync document if you want to perform bulk set up with a sync unit and Apple
iPad initial setup
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