IEEE 1394 Card for use with Agilent 1690-Series Logic

IEEE 1394 Card for use with Agilent 1690-Series Logic
IEEE 1394 Card
(for use with Agilent 1690-series logic analyzers)
Installation Guide
The Agilent Technologies E5851A IEEE 1394 card installed into your
PC lets you connect an Agilent 1690-series logic analyzer and operate
it using the Agilent Logic Analyzer application running on the PC.
PC System Requirements:
• 1.0 GHz minimum, Intel Pentium® 3, AMD Athlon K7 or better.
• 512M RAM.
• Windows® 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional installed.
• 100M minimum available hard disk space.
Connection Kit Contents:
• IEEE 1394 Card.
• 6-Pin to 6-Pin Cable.
• Ferrite.
Install the IEEE 1394 Card
Windows XP/2000 will not prompt you if the IEEE 1394 card is not
properly installed.
1 Power down your PC and disconnect the power cable.
2 Refer to your PC’s documentation for specific installation
instructions to install the IEEE 1394 PCI card in any
available slot in your PC.
Agilent Technologies
Install Application Software
To install the Agilent Logic Analyzer application, insert the
application software CD into the PC’s CD drive. Follow the steps in the
Install Shield wizard.
Installing the logic analyzer application on another Windows XP or
Windows 2000 computer lets you perform offline analysis without the
logic analyzer.
IEEE 1394 Card Installation
Connect the Logic Analyzer and PC
Snap the Ferrite on the 6-pin to 6-pin cable and connect the
cable between the PC and the logic analyzer.
IEEE 1394 Card Installation
 Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2004
Printed in Malaysia March 2004
Document Part Number E5851-97001
Agilent Technologies
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