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Sitecom USB 2.0 Extension Cable
Data sheet: CN-216
Product code
Product name
EAN code
Qty. masterpack / carton
USB 2.0 Extension Cable
Product weight
Gift box weight
Gift box dimensions
: 78gr
: 150gr
: 150(W) x 225(H) x 30(D)
Using this USB 2.0 Extension Cable, you can simply extend the distance between your PC and
USB equipment. This allows you to work without having to change your workspace due to short
USB cables. The USB 2.0 Extension Cable is completely plug & play compatible, and will work
out of the box.
Box content:
System requirement:
•USB 2.0 Extension cable,
1.8 meters (6Feet)
• Windows 200/XP/Vista
No. 12107
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