TakeMS | MS1024TFL010R-2 | Datasheet | takeMS 1GB MicroSD + 2 adapters

takeMS 1GB MicroSD + 2 adapters
takeMS microSD 3in1 Card
Up to 2GB (SD 1.1 Spec)
Variable clock rate:
0-25 MHz for default mode
Variable clock rate:
0-50 MHz for Hi-speed mode
VDD (fipple: max,60mV peak to
2.7V ~3.6V
> 1,000,000 hours
Op. Temp.
-15°C to 65°C
Stor. Temp.
-20°Cto 75°C
Vibration Resistance
15 G
Shock Resistance
1.000 G
up to 60x (9MB/s) write and 130x (19MB/s) read
Compliant SDA Specification Ver 1.1 & 1.01
Support CPRM code.
Forward compatibility to MultiMediaCard version 3.3.
No external programming voltage required.
SD Card protocol compatible.
Correction of memory field errors.
Copyrights protection mechanism: Complies with highest security of SDMI standard.
Card detection command ( Insertion / Removal ).
Incl. MicroSD to MiniSD- MiniSD to SD Adater
Order No.: MSxxxTFL010R-2
Web: www.takems.com
E-Mail: info@takems.com
Tel: +49-7667-9414-0
Fax: +49-7667-9414-444
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