EXTender 4000 for IP Brochure

EXTender 4000 for IP Brochure
EXTender 4000 for IP
EXTender 4000
A single-user client device delivering corporate PBX functionality to teleworkers and remote
call center agents over a LAN, public and private packet networks
Distributed Voice Solutions
For The Extended Enterprise
Remote employees can now
experience true network
convergence – seamless con-
nectivity to the corporate
voice and data networks
over a LAN, public or
private packet networks.
The EXTender 4000 utilizes
a teleworker’s existing IP
network connection
through a router, DSL or
cable modem, other remote
access device or a company’s private network to
connect to the corporate
By the year 2003, GartnerGroup estimates that
more than 137 million users worldwide, including one-third of the U.S. work force, will engage
in at least part-time telecommuting as a function of their employment contracts. Teleworking
has become a strategic advantage for many
companies, allowing them to recruit and retain
skilled employees, save money on real estate
and increase employee productivity. But to be
truly productive, remote workers need access to
the same set of tools at their home that they
have in their office – high-speed data connectivity and a feature-rich telephone system.
voice and data systems.
The EXTender 4000 can be
connected to all standardscompliant cable and DSL
customer premise equipment
(CPE) equipped with a
10Base-T Ethernet port.
Iwatsu’s Distributed Voice
Solutions affordably and seamlessly extend the features and
functionality of existing corporate
voice systems to branch offices,
remote call center agents,
telecommuters and mobile workers across traditional and
next-generation networks. Our
solutions provide businesses with
a managed migration path to the
telephony applications of the
future, enabling them to leverage
their investments in existing voice
systems, access new applications
being offered by next generation
service providers, and maintain a
single, unified voice system for
their increasingly distributed
Iwatsu’s EXTender 4000, developed by MCK
Communications specifically for Iwatsu, provides a teleworker or remote call center agent
with the same digital telephone set and all the
features they have in the corporate office or call
center. By sending the voice traffic and signaling over a managed IP network back to one of
Iwatsu’s PBXgateways located at the corporate
site, the EXTender 4000 allows voice traffic to be
seamlessly carried over an existing data network.
MCK’s Remote Voice Protocol over Internet
Protocol (RVPoIP)™ converts voice and signaling information into IP data packets, which can
be transmitted over any TCP/IP network. The
EXTender 4000 performs sophisticated echo
cancellation and noise detection algorithms to
improve voice service quality.
MCK’s packetized voice can be transmitted
over any managed IP network that can guarantee sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service
(QoS). The EXTender 4000 performs best over
managed networks, such as DSL or a private
campus network.
• Converged Network Services
Off-premises employees enjoy full remote
access – to both voice and data networks –
over a single packet network connection to
the corporate office.
• Increased Productivity
Remote workers use the same phones, with
all of the features and capabilities that are
supported on the corporate PBX.
• Simplified Administration
A system administrator, via one gateway
unit located at the corporate office, can
manage all of the remote users’ set-up and
administration virtually. Only one network
infrastructure to manage for voice and data.
• LAN or WAN Access
Integrated hub outfitted with two 10Base-T
Ethernet ports permits two configurations. A
LAN or WAN network access device can be
attached to one port. And the user has the
option of connecting a PC to the second
Ethernet port.
• Flexibility
Works with any managed TCP/IP network
today, and provides a path to tomorrow’s
emerging next-generation network topologies.
EXTender 4000
IP Router,
DSL or Cable
EXTender 4000
Cable or
Frame Relay
Digital Phoneset
PBXgateway or
PBXgateway II
Public or Private
Frame Relay,
DSL or T1
Home Office
Corporate Office
• Temperature: 32°–130°F (0°–55°C)
• Auto Connect Mode
• Comfort Noise Generation
• Dynamic and Static IP Addressing
Form Factor: Small footprint, desktop or
wall mountable unit
• Support for IP Precedence and
DiffServ QoS mechanisms
• The EXTender 4000 must be terminated by
either of Iwatsu’s PBXgateways at the corporate office
• The Extender 4000 supports MCK’s
RVPoIP over any managed IP network
Connectors included on unit:
• One RJ-11/RJ-45 port for digital
telephone set
• One RJ-45 10Base-T Ethernet for PC
• One RJ-45 10Base-T Ethernet for LAN
or WAN connection
• One power supply
• Internal hub allows the EXTender 4000 to
plug directly into a LAN via 10Base-T
Ethernet port for intranet use, or plug the
EXTender 4000 into a 10Base-T interface
on a network access device for connection
to the WAN for remote access applications
Other Components:
• Second 10Base-T Ethernet port available
for PC connection to the EXTender 4000
• Choice of voice compression algorithms:
• Network should be configured to provide
Quality of Service* (QoS) support in order
to guarantee voice quality
• Size: 6.3" x 5.35" x 1.35"
(160mm x 136mm x 34.25mm)
• Weight: 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)
• FCC Part 15 Class B, NRTL/CSA and
CE Mark
• One-year limited warranty for parts
and labor
• G.729A (8 Kbps)
• G.726 (24 or 32 Kbps ADPCM)
• G.711 (64 Kbps PCM)
• G.165 echo canceller software, with MCK
proprietary double-talk detection
• Voice packets are tagged for network traffic prioritization using IP Precedence or
• Telnet, inband RVP, SNMP, HTML (monitoring only), phone display (limited features)
• External adapter (included)
• Motorola 68EN302 processor
• 4 MB flash memory
• DSP Analog Devices 2187 (52 MIPS)
• Minimal setup programming required,
accomplished via Telnet, inband RVP or
phone menus at teleworker’s location
• TCP/IP protocol
• Relative humidity: 5 to 95%
• Line voltage: 120 VAC
• Voltage requirement: 12 VDC
• Wind River’s VxWorks®
• Power supply: 800 mA
• Software upgradeable via LAN FTP
• Maximum power draw: 16 Watts
Product specifications subject to change without notice.
MCK, the MCK logo, EXTender, PBXgateway, RVP and RVPoIP
are trademarks of MCK Communications, Inc. Other brand and
product names referenced herein are trademarks of their
respective holders.
*Iwatsu’s IP-based products utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to deliver remote voice solutions. The voice quality of these
solutions is dependent on variables such as available bandwidth, network latency and quality of service (QoS) initiatives,
all of which are controlled by the network and Internet service
providers. Because these variables are not in Iwatsu’s control, it
cannot guarantee the performance of the user’s IP-based
remote voice solution.
Iwatsu America, Inc.
430 Commerce Blvd.
Carlsdadt, NJ 07072
Part Number: 108412 All features and specifications of the products described herein are subject to change.
Consult with your Authorized Iwatsu Distributor for details. Copyright 2001 Iwatsu America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed In USA.
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