CDBurnerXP - 4040 - Taylor University

CDBurnerXP - 4040 - Taylor University
Tech Training: CDBurnerXP
Clients often request audio/video content be burned to optical disk. Generally, we burn audio to CD and video
to DVD. In choosing which media to use, keep in mind that DVD players can play CDs, but most CD players (like
those in cars) cannot play DVDs. CDBurnerXP is a free optical disk burner. It can burn audio, data, and ISO to CD/DVD.
Initial Setup
Download CDBurnerXP from the developer (
Install using defaults
Burn an Audio CD
Use Audio Disc when the client wants a playable CD that
will work in his/her CD player.
 Launch CDBurnerXP
 Choose Audio Disc
Add Files
o Browse to the audio files you want to burn.
Click and drag them to the lower window.
o Click and drag to put the files in the proper
 As you add files, the disc indicator
bar (at bottom) indicates when the
limit is exceeded. A CD holds 70 or
84 mins of music.
Burn Disk
o Load blank CD
o Click Burn
Burn a Data Disc
Use Data Disc when the client wants to store documents and open them on a computer.
 Launch CDBurnerXP
 Choose Data Disk
 Add files, and burn the disk as you would a music disk
NOTE: Unless the disc is a re-writeable disc, you cannot erase or add files after the disk is burned.
Revised: 7/6/16
Copy or Grab Disc
Use Copy or Grab Disc when the client has a disk they
would like duplicated. This works with data and music, CD
and DVD.
 Launch CDBurnerXP
 Choose Copy or Grab Disc
You can copy a disc using one of two methods:
1. Disc to Disc - This method can use a single optical
drive to read the source disk and then burn a copy.
It does so by temporarily writing data to the hard
a. Insert the source disc
b. Click Copy Disk
c. You will be prompted to insert a blank,
target disc
2. Hard Disk – This method burns an ISO file to optical
a. Browse to the ISO file
b. Click Copy Disk
Revised: 7/6/16
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