Imation DVD/CD Duplicator Datasheet

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Imation DVD/CD Duplicator

Duplicate DVDs or CDs without a computer, software or cables! Ideal for broad office applications from Fortune 500 to small office, home office environments, the DVD/CD Duplicator from Imation is user-friendly and easy to use. Simply plug it in, insert a source disc and a target disc and copy. It’s that easy. The small, stand-alone disc-to-disc system is ideal for advanced users looking for speed and accuracy. Conveniently portable, the free standing system allows DVD and CD duplication anywhere you need it, any time you want it.

The Imation DVD/CD Duplicator is quality built to provide years of trouble-free service with no required maintenance. The system can duplicate a single master DVD to DVD media at up to 16x speeds, resulting in a replica of a 4.7GB disc. It can also duplicate discs to CD-R/RW, DVD RW and DL media.

NOTE: Imation DVD/CD Duplicator is not intended for duplication of copy encrypted or copyrighted information.

Features & Benefits

Free Standing System – The Duplicator operates on standard AC power and does not require a PC connection, software download or special cable so it functions entirely as a stand-alone unit, providing convenient duplication any time, anywhere.

Intelligent Auto Detection – Automatically identifies source media format and replicates at the maximum speed for that media.

User-friendly LCD Menu – Easy-to-read menus enable quick and accurate copying, and multiple sub functions provide maximum system functionality.

Continuous Copying – The Duplicator performs continuous copying with no waiting or cool-down needed, ideal for the advanced user who requires speed and accuracy



Read Speed

DVD: 16x

CD: 48x

Write Speed

DVD: 16x

CD: 48x

Buffer Size

Drive: 2MB

System: 8MB

Supported Discs





CD-RW (12cm & 8cm)

Power Supply

AC input: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz

Agency Certification




1 year

Product Description


UPC Description Size (LxWxH) Weight

051122270239 Imation DVD/CD Duplicator 1x1 14.5”x 9.75”x 9.625” 12.8 lbs


UPC Size (LxWxH) Weight Units

50051122270234 20.75”x14.75”x19.5” 53.9 lbs 4

To learn more about the Imation DVD/CD Duplicator and other Imation removable data storage products, visit

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