Presentation Server Front
Excellence in Capture and Streaming™
The Presentation Server is an open-standards, open-architecture video and
media Content Management System designed especially to handle the capture
and streaming of presentations and lectures given at Universities, medical
facilities, research laboratories, seminars, trade shows and conferences and
any other setting where a knowledge expert's presentation and discussion will
be recorded and streamed over internet networks.
Unlike other video content management systems, the Presentation Server has
facilities for dealing with both the video aspects of a presentation (e.g. a
camera shot of the presenter) and the graphical aspects of a presentation
(e.g. capture of computer screens, PowerPoints, Keynotes and similar
demonstration materials used by the presenter).
The separate identification and handling of these three components (video,
audio and graphics) separates the Presentation Server from its video-only
CMS peers.
The server presents two different graphical user interfaces to the world, one
being the administrative interface and the second being a viewer portal for
discovery and viewing of content.
The administrator controls a large number of functions related to acquiring
content for the server, identifying and indexing the material, verifying viewing
rights and planning the proper distribution and publishing of the final media.
Once presentation content is properly filed and indexed within the server,
authenticated and authorized viewers of that content must be able to find it in
the system and view it at a convenient time and place and on playback devices
which might range from large screens in an auditorium to mobile phones and
tablets on the go.
As mentioned earlier, with the potential acquisition of hundreds of new archives
each day, the work required to process each incoming presentation must be
minimal. The Presentation Server is ideally tailored to provide automated,
customizable workflows to be applied to each new incoming presentation.
The Presentation Server enables an end-to-end
solution for lecture capture.
The Presentation Server is based on open-standards
and open-architecture that are constantly evolving to
meet the needs of the industry. You are not locked
into a monolithic solution.
Video and graphics may be resized independently for
• Can organize and manage recordings
• Server is both a live streaming server and a video
on-demand server
• Unique architecture permits customized workflows
and special processing operations
• Full OCR-to-Text support
Enables futuristic items such as the elimination of
expensive and complicated tracking cameras, infrared
necklaces, and more through software upgrades that
support automatic teacher tracking.
Dual-redundant power supplies
Hot swappable disk drives
Rack-mount 2U Chassis
Click and replace fans
Intel Xeon processors
Primary and backup storage
A workflow is a specification for a sequence of discrete processing steps to be
applied to incoming media, and it is possible to define a large set of different
workflows within a Presentation Server.
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Presentation Server™
Excellence in Capture and Streaming™
CPU Sockets: 2
Memory Dimms: 16 (DDR3)
Slots: 6
Expandable Bays: 8 x 3.5" hot-swap drive bays (SATA2/SAS)
Intel Xeon CPU Quad-core (Classroom version).
Intel Xeon Dual CPU Quad-core (Department version).
Memory: 4x4 GB DDR
16 DIMM sockets.
Memory speed is decided by CPU system bus.
Each CPU controls 8 DIMMs.
Slots and Bus: Low profile only.
3 PCI-e 3.0 X16 slots.
3 PCI-e 3.0 X8 slots.
Integrated with:
Supports 1000BASE-T, RJ45 output.
Up to 11 USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus) ports (2 on rear panel).
VGA - On-board Matrox G200 (16MB) graphics.
Integrated IPMI 2.0 with Dedicated LAN.
Case & power:
2U case with 720W redundant gold-level high-efficiency power supply
8 of 3.5" HDD hot-swap bays ( w/ backplane SAS/SATA).
1 slim floppy bay, 1 slim DVD bay, 2 internal 3.5" bay.
Rail set included.
Width: 16.8 in. Height: 3.5 in. Depth: 25.5 in. Weight: 65 lbs.
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