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Eminent EM4557 wDESK 300 Wireless Desktop Adapter
wDESK - 300 Mbps Wireless Desktop Adapter
The ideal way to connect your desktop
computer with a wireless network!
Do you wish to connect your desktop computer to your own wireless
home network, your company network or your friends wireless
computer? The EM4557 Wireless Desktop Adapter allows you to
access a wireles network. Thanks to the high speed of 300 Mbps,
copying big files and video files is from now on an easy job. Thanks
to the new 802.11N technology you will take advantage of a high
speed wireless network. This product is perfect for streaming audio/video and file transfer. The EM4557 Wireless Desktop Adapter
has multiple transmitters and receivers for optimal performance.
This will increase the reach of your network. You can also connect
the Wireless Desktop Adapter to 54Mbps networks with 802.11g
standard.The installation of the EM4557 Wireless Desktop Adapter
is easy using the unique wizard on the enclosed CD-rom. The Wireless Desktop Adapter is full of advanced security features (WEP,
WPA, WPA2). In this way your data will actually remain your data.
To gain optimal speed you can use an Eminent 300 Mbps Wireless
Router (EM4550).
technical specifications:
54Mbps and 11Mbps
Interface: Wireless security:
Wireless 300Mbps (Draft-N), Backwards compatible with
PCI interface
WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security
system requirements:
Windows Vista 32,Windows Vista 64,Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows
2003,MAC OS 10.4.x,MAC OS 10.3.x,Linux
Free PCI slot
EAN CODE: 8716065225402
• Wireless network adapter for desktop computers
• Enjoy the speed of a wireless N network
• Internet access and video/audio at a blazing
speed (upt ot 300 Mbps)
• Advanced wireless security: WEP, WPA and
• Especially suited for connection with the Eminent 300 Mbps Wireless Router (EM4550)
• Three detachable antennas
• Easy installation
• 5-Year warranty
• Accessible helpdesk
• Multilingual user manual
Always a solution for you!
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