Sorting through iPad/Tablet Carrying Case Feature Match Chart

Sorting through iPad/Tablet Carrying Case Feature Match Chart
Sorting through iPad/Tablet Carrying Case
Feature Match Chart
_____ Material _____ Plastic _____ Chewable
_____ Shock Absorption _____ Rugged
_____ Insert in Pocket/Panel
_____ Wrap Around
_____ Orientation
_____ Assembly by Screws
_____ Includes Stand
_____ Includes Keyboard
_____ Weight __________________
Handle Style
_____ No Handle
_____ Handle Molded into Case
_____ Case includes Locations for Straps
_____ Case includes Belt Strap
_____ Case includes Shoulder Strap
Access to Screen
_____ Protective Film
_____ Removable/replaceable screen cover
_____ Waterproof
_____ Shatterproof
_____ Keyguards on the screen
_____ Keyguards on the Case
_____ Mounting plate attached to case
_____ Ease of mounting
_____ Mounting available for iPad
_____ Mounting available for iPad mini
_____ Mounting available for iPad Air
_____ Mounting available for Tablet type:_____
_____ Stationary Mounting Position
_____ Flexible Mounting Position
_____ Table Mount
_____ Other: _______________________
Ease of Access to External Ports
_____ Camera Accessible
_____ Volume Accessible
_____ Silent/Ringer Accessible
_____ Home Button Accessible
_____ HMDI Port accessible for Charging
_____ HMDI Port accessible for using
Auditory Options
_____ Case has External Speakers
_____ Volume Control on Case
_____ Allows access to plug in speakers
_____ Different colors
_____ Color Options preferred_____________
_____ Pattern Options
_____ Skins available
_____ Transparent; can customize inside
_____ Assembly directions
_____ Video on companies website
_____ Video on YouTube
_____ Easy to Remove
_____ Screws or Similar to Remove
_____ Liquid Inside Case
_____ Wide gripping service
Developed by S.Marfilius, K.Fonner, & E. Sheldon * * * v 2014 Sorting through iPad/Tablet Carrying Case
For iPad/Tablet users and their clinicians, teachers, parents and AT providers, protecting the iPad/Tablet while
being carried out-and-about the community, school and home settings is primary concern. During this session, we
will demonstrate the features of iPad/Tablet carrying cases, especially as they relate to the needs of users of apps
for AAC systems. We will demonstrate a wide variety of cases and their features of shock-resistance, carrying
handles, mounting positions and access to the camera. Options, such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth
keyboards, are additional features that some want on their case. Favorite color and design skins allow personality
and customization to the iGeneration.
Popular Carrying Cases
Adjustable iPad Cradle, Connect, Rugged iPad Case
iAdapter 4, iAdapter1, iAdapter Mini
Attainment Company
GoNow Sleek, GoNow Rugged, GoNow Mini, ValueFit Case for iPad
Belkin Tablet Stand, Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage, Lego Builder Case, SlimFit Armband,
Yolk, Air Protect Case for Mini
Big Grips
Frame, Slim, Tweener, Buddy, Hipster
Booq Boa
Viper Hardcase, Folio
Defender, Survivor, Jumper
Grip Case
GripCase, GripCase MINI,
GumDrop Cases
Bounce Skin, Bounce for iPad, DropTech Series, DropTech Designer for Mini
*various distributors
Etch-A-Sketch Hard Case for iPad, iPhone & iTouch, Ultra Grip Case, Headcase TurnTablet
Stand, Holder & Hardcase
LifeProof nüüd, nüüd for Mini, frē for Mini, LifeJacket
M-Edge Store
SuperShell, Leisure, Go!, Latitude, Enforcer,
Armor, Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Pursuit
RJ Cooper & Associates
Ultimate I, Ultimate II, Mini Ultimate I, Mini Ultimate II, Leather Folio Mini
Trident Cases
Aegis, Cyclops, Kraken
Developed by S.Marfilius, K.Fonner, & E. Sheldon * * * v 2014 
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