Studio Mounting Hardware Matrix

Studio Mounting Hardware Matrix
KG 30 Ball clamp bracket with
M8 external thread for direct mounting
onto loudspeaker. Colors: black or white.
LH 7/LH 8 Mic stand adaptor
with 1/2“ / 3/8“ internal thread and M8
external to mount loudspeaker onto
standard tripod threads. Color: metal.
LH 27 Ball clamp mount for wall
tripod, truss bar, and subwoofer mounting
of loudspeakers. Colors: black or white.
or ceiling mounting and omnidirectional
adjustment. Color: black.
mounting loudspeakers onto standard
35mm (1.4”) diameter tube tripods.
External fit with screw thread. Colors:
black or white.
O 410
O 300 / O 300 D
O 110 / O 110 D
P 110
M52 / M 52 D
Flush Mounted
WMK O 500 C
for electronics
REK 1 and CP
for electronics
M6 threaded inserts
in side of cabinet
On a Floor
LH35 + LH28
LH35 + LH29
LH41 + LH28
LH41 + LH36 + LH28
LH41 + LH29
LH41 + LH36 + LH29
LH25 + LH28
LH25 + LH29
LH31 + LH28
LH31 + LH29
LH31 + LH28 + LH33
LH31 + LH7
LH31 + LH8
3/8“ thread in
base of cabinet
LH36 + LH37
LH35 + LH36 + LH37
LH41 + LH37
LH41 + LH36 + LH37
On a Meter
No hardware
KG 30
In 19“ Racking
On a Wall
LH42 + LH45
LH44 + LH45
Included rear
panel brackets
LH42 + LH43
LH44 + LH43
LH38 + LH27
LH35 + LH29
LH42 + LH29
LH44 + LH29
LH25 + LH29
LH38 + LH29
LH 11 Mounting bracket used
to give vertical angle adjustment for the
loudspeaker. Can be used on a meter bridge,
microphone stand, or other flat surface
such as a wall. Color: black.
LH 28 Tripod stand adaptor for
LH 25 ‘U’ bracket for wall, ceiling,
O 500 C
LH 29 TV spigot adapter for mounting loudspeakers onto a standard TV spigot
used in broadcast studios. Color: metal.
(tripod, TV spigot, or
with a 5/8" thread)
On a Stand
(table or mic with a
5/8“ thread)
LH 31 ‘L’ bracket for stand and
LH 32 Wall bracket offering horizontal
tripod mounting of loudspeakers. Colors:
black or white.
and vertical loudspeaker tilting. Colors:
black or white.
LH 36 Tilting adaptor for vertically
tilting the loudspeaker when mounted on a
subwoofer. Color: black.
LH 37 Tripod stand adapter for
mounting onto standard 35mm (1.4”)
diameter tube tripods or flange.
Color: black.
LH 33 Tilt connector to vertically
angle (0-15°) the loudspeaker on standard
35mm (1.4”) diameter tube tripods.
Color: black.
On a
LH 35 ‘U’ bracket for ceiling, tripod,
(fitted with a flange)
truss bar, and subwoofer mounting of loudspeakers. Colors: black or white.
LH 38 Mounting bracket for
LH 41 Base plate adaptor to fit
suspending the loudspeaker off a ceiling.
Colors: black or white.
the loudspeaker onto subwoofers and floor
stands. Color: black.
Off a Ceiling
LH 42 / LH 44 Ceiling system
LH 43 Surface mounting plate
(vertical / horizontal cabinet orientation)
used to suspend the loudspeaker off a
ceiling, truss bar, or wall. Color: black.
used to spread the weight of a ceiling
mounted loudspeaker.
Color: black.
LH 45 ‘L‘ bracket for wall mounting
of loudspeakers. Color: black.
MA 19 frame used to mount a pair of M
52 (D) into a 19” rack. Color: black.
Off a Lighting
or Truss Bar
REK 1 Remote electronics kit
REK 2 Remote electronics kit
used to locate an O 410 electronics panel
up to 30 m (90’) from a flush mounted
loudspeaker cabinet. A Cable Pack (CP nn)
is also required.
used to locate the subwoofer electronics
panel up to 30 m (90’) from a flush
mounted loudspeaker cabinet. A Speaker
Cable (SC nn) is also required.
C 15 Eyebolt with M8 external thread
for screwing in the appropiate speaker
threads. Color: metal.
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