True AnAmorphic
True Anamorphic
Cinematic Quality for both –
Film and Digital
Anamorphic lens systems are a favourite with
filmmakers and film enthusiasts. Due to their
specific construction they add unique characteristics
to the shots. According to what one frequently reads
about anamorphic lenses they are popular for a variety
of reasons: the big negative size of the anamorphic
picture; the shallow depth of field produced by the
longer focal lengths; the elliptical blurr which arises in
the out of focus parts; or even the barrel distortion of
the wider anamorphics (a lot of DPs like anamorphics
especially for that effect).
While all these reasons are perfectly valid, one basic
difference between spherical lenses and anamorphic lens
systems is often forgotten: the way in which images are
captured. Anamorphic lens designs use two focal lengths
in one system: a longer focal length for the vertical part
of the image and a shorter one for the horizontal part (2x
or 1.3x). This leads to pictures with more depth and more
three dimensional character. Unlike the higher definition
this character is preserved over all generations: It is
irrelevant if a film is seen on the big screen of a theater
or a small clip on your smart phone. Today there are no
significant differences in general per­formance between
anamorphic lenses and spherical ones. This applies all the
more, because the true anamorphic format is supported by
a much larger sensor area (or a larger negative area) and
therefore a lower magnification factor.
During the last years Vantage Film has focussed its efforts
on de­­velop­ing products which substantially advance
anamorphic tech­nology:
• The new Hawk Anamorphic® Lenses were developed to
being fully adaptable to both film and digital
systems. The Hawks are available as 2x or 1.3x
Squeeze Lenses.
• The close focus
capability was
improved (2”) and
sets a new standard
for anamorphic lenses.
• The internal non linear
focus mechanism or the 15 blades iris apertures
were developed for the sole purpose of pushing the
performance of the Hawks yet another notch further.
Vantage continuously develops new products for
anamorphic shooting and only recently expanded its
production capacity to meet the ongoing large demand
for Hawk® lenses. The highly complex process of
manufacturing lenses with cylindrical elements with the
required precision is only mastered by very few companies
Whether one uses film or digital cinema, anamorphic with Hawk® lenses is
the best choice to fascinate a large audience, get the maximum return on the
production value and protect a film’s
artistic worth for generations to come.
•Hawk® V-Plus and V-Lite lenses are fully matched. They
are com­plete­ly free of flares and aberrations.
Made in Germany by Vantage Film GmbH
For further information contact Vantage Film, Phone +49 961 26795, Fax +49 961 62983,
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