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Eizo S1932SH-BK
19" C o l o r LC D M o n i to r
versatile monitor for both still and mov-
ing image work, the FlexScan S1932 offers
several features available for the first time on
an EIZO monitor. These include an upgraded
BrightRegulator function which optimizes the
screen brightness in any lighting environment,
a more intuitive OSD menu, and a CAD imaging mode which minimizes the image retention often seen with 3D CAD images. To
maximize viewing comfort, the FlexScan
S1932 comes with a choice of stands or a
quick mount attachment.
• 1280 × 1024 native resolution
• 2500:1 dynamic contrast ratio
• 250 cd/m2 brightness
• 178° viewing angles
• Digital/analog inputs
2500:1 Dynamic Contrast
Placement Flexibility
Originally developed for use in EIZO TVs, ContrastEnhancer adjusts in real time the brightness,
gain, and gamma for images that are too light or
too dark to their ideal levels. With moving images it
produces a dynamic contrast ratio of 2500:1, resulting in deep blacks and more lifelike images. Moving
image playback is further enhanced with an overdrive
circuit which reduces midtone response time to 8 ms to
minimize ghosting.
The FlexScan S1932 is available with a choice of three
stands or a new quick mount attachment. The height
adjustable stand provides 100 mm of vertical adjustment, 70° swivel and 30° tilt, and portrait mode display. The ArcSwing 2 stand moves in a curved range of
motion and offers 104 mm height adjustment, 60° tilt
and 344° swivel. The EzUp stand is the most flexible of
the three with 170 mm height adjustment, 25° tilt, 344°
swivel, and portrait mode display. For installations that
prepare their own mounting solutions but need a timesaving way to mount their monitors, EIZO offers the
QM1, which can be attached with the pull of a lever.
New BrightRegulator
EIZO’s BrightRegulator function, which optimizes the
screen brightness in accordance with the ambient light,
has been improved with the FlexScan S1932 for even
better performance. Whereas BrightRegulator previously used one user-determined reference point for
adjusting brightness, it now uses two; one for bright
and one for dark ambient luminance. This allows the
monitor to more accurately achieve the desired brightness in both brightly and dimly lit rooms.
EzUp stand
19" Color LCD Monitor
Built-In Speakers
Dual 0.5 watt speakers are hidden
away at the bottom of the bezel so
as not to increase bezel size. If more
volume is needed, the optional i-Sound
L3 speaker unit (0.9 watts) is also available.
New OSD Menu
The FlexScan S1932 introduces a new, intuitive OSD
Layer 3
Layer 4
menu. The OSD categories
are divided into layers and
icons are positioned directly above buttons for easy
Panel Size and Type
48 cm (19") TFT color LCD panel
Viewing Angles (H, V)
178°, 178° (at contrast ratio of 10:1)
Brightness / Contrast
250 cd/m2 / 1000:1 (2500:1 Dynamic Contrast)
On/Off Response Time
20 ms (typical)
Midtone Response Time
8 ms (typical)1
Native Resolution
1280 × 1024
Layer 1
Active Display Size (H × V) 376.3 × 301 mm
Layer 2
Viewable Image Size
Diagonal: 481 mm
Pixel Pitch
0.294 × 0.294 mm
Display Colors
16.77 million from a palette of 1.06 billion
Fine Contrast Mode Selection
The Fine Contrast feature offers five specialized image
adjustment modes: Text mode for word processing and
spreadsheet applications; Picture mode for graphics
applications; sRGB mode for web browsers or color
matching with devices that have an equivalent mode;
Movie mode for media player software; and for the
first time a CAD mode with virtually eliminates image
retention common with 3D CAD applications.
Cabinet Colors
Gray, Black
Dot Clock
Analog: 135 MHz, Digital: 108 MHz
Scanning Frequency (H, V)
24.8 – 80 kHz, 50 – 75 Hz
31 – 64 kHz, 59 – 61 Hz (VGA Text: 69 – 71 Hz)
Input Signals
Analog: RGB Analog, Digital: DVI Standard 1.0
Input Terminals
D-Sub mini 15 pin, DVI-D 24 pin (HDCP supported2)
USB Port / Standard
1 upstream port / USB Standard Rev. 2.0
Plug & Play
Power Requirements
AC 100 – 120 V, 200 – 240 V: 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption
45 W (maximum), 24 W (typical)
Power Save Mode
Less than 0.8 W
Height Adjustment Range
With Height Adjustable Stand: 100 mm; With ArcSwing Stand: 104 mm; With EZ-UP Stand: 170 mm
Tilt / Swivel / Pivot
With Height Adjustable Stand: 30° Up, 0° Down / 35°
Right, 35° Left / 90°; With ArcSwing Stand: 60° Up, 5°
Down / 172° Right, 172° Left / – ; With EZ-UP Stand:
25° Up, 0° Down / 172° Right, 172° Left / -10° – 92°
Dimensions (W × H × D)
With Height Adjustable Stand: 405 × 406.5 – 506.5
× 205 mm; With ArcSwing Stand: 405 × 288 – 423.5
× 200 mm; With EZ-UP Stand: 405 × 347.7 – 507 ×
246.8 – 277.6 mm; With QM1: 405 × 334 × 77.5 mm
Net Weight
With Height Adjustable Stand: 7.2 kg; With ArcSwing
Stand: 7.0 kg; With EZ-UP Stand: 8.8 kg; With QM1:
5.9 kg
Digital and Analog Input Terminals
DVI-D and D-Sub mini 15-pin input terminals allow
the monitors to accept both digital and analog inputs.
If both types are connected, you can switch between
them via a front panel button.
10-Bit Gamma Correction
Ensures smooth, accurate color tones by converting the
8-bit PC data to 10-bit, assigning the ideal gamma values then returning the data to 8-bit format for display.
Brightness Stabilization Function
A drift correction sensor quickly stabilizes the brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving
mode. It also detects and automatically compensates
for brightness changes caused by surrounding temperatures and the passage of time.
Customer Assurance
A five-year warranty offers a long service life, and
compliance with leading industry standards such as
TCO’03 and TUV Ergonomics ensures a better working environment. The EIZO Eco Products 2006 label
indicates these products meet strict internal requirements for design, manufacturing, packaging, and usage.
Auto Brightness Functions
Auto Brightness Stabilization, BrightRegulator
Auto Power Save Function
Analog: VESA DPMS, Digital: DVI DMPM
Display Mode Options
Fine Contrast (Text, Picture, Movie, CAD, sRGB,
Custom, WindowMovie2), Auto Fine Contrast3
Screen Adjustment
Clock, Phase, Position, Range Adjustment (Auto),
Color Adjustment
Brightness, Contrast, Temperature (in 500 K increments from 4,000 K – 10,000 K including 9,300 K),
Gain, Reset, Saturation, Hue, Gamma, ContrastEnhancer
Volume (adjustable with front panel volume buttons)
Other Settings
Signal Settings, Signal Switching, Product Information (product name, serial number, operating time),
BrightRegulator, Power Indicator, Adjustment
Lock, Languages (English, German, French, Italian,
Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish,
Traditional Chinese), Off Timer, Reset
Dual 0.5 W built-in speakers, input / headphone jacks
Certifications and Standards
TCO’03, TÜV/Ergonomics (including ISO 13406-2),
TÜV/GS, C-Tick, CE, CB, UL (cTÜVus), CSA (cTÜVus),
FCC-B, Canadian ICES-003-B, TÜV/S, VCCI-B, EPA ENERGY STAR®, RoHS, WEEE, EIZO Eco Products 2006
Supplied Accessories
AC power cord, signal cables (D-Sub – D-Sub, DVI-D
– DVI-D), USB cable, audio cable, setup manual,
CD-ROM (PDF user’s manual, ScreenManager Pro
for LCD4, ICC profiles), 4 screws for mount option
warranty card, cable holder (EzUp stand option
Five Years5
Average response time measured between each grayscale level of 31, 63, 95, 127, 159, 191, and 223. 2 WindowMovie mode is selectable only when Auto Fine Contrast is active. 3 Bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD is necessary
to activate Auto Fine Contrast. 4 ScreenManager Pro for LCD is compatible with the Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/
Me/2000/XP operating systems only. 5 The usage time is limited to 30,000 hours or less, and the warranty period of
the LCD panel and backlight is limited to three years from the date of purchase.
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