Philips 0521226 Datasheet

Philips 0521226 Datasheet
Coffee pod system
Wide range of Douwe Egberts SENSEO®
coffee pods
Delicious SENSEO® coffee foam layer
Sensational freshly brewed coffee!
New Generation coffee machine in stylish aluminium
Having your SENSEO® coffee exactly the way you like it just got easier thanks to the range
of SENSEO® New Generation coffee machines. These are the simplest and most
convenient appliances that you can adjust to make your SENSEO® coffee your way. The
stylish Aluminium design will ensure your kitchen makes a real statement about you and
your taste in coffee.
Sensational coffee
• Unique patented SENSEO® coffee brewing system ensures the right balance of coffee and water every time
• Extensive range of Douwe Egberts SENSEO® coffee pod varieties to suit each taste or moment
• Delicious SENSEO® coffee foam layer as the proof of Douwe Egberts SENSEO® premium coffee quality
• Volume Select: choose more or less water to make your black SENSEO® coffee just the way you like it
• Modern machine design in stylish aluminium
Ultimate convenience
• One cup of SENSEO® coffee in approx. 30 seconds, two cups in less than a minute
• Adjustable spout easily accommodates your favourite cup size
• Water-level feedback lights mean no guessing if there is enough water for 1 or 2 cups
• Removable extra-large water reservoir (8 cups) means fewer refills
• LCD display gives you feedback about the machine, including a reminder when it's time to decalcify
• Auto Off: automatic shut-off after 60 minutes for your safety and convenience
Modern machine design
Volume select
Coffee pod system
Product highlights
Technical specifications
Power: 1450 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Cord length: 1 m
Water tank capacity: 1.2 / 8 Litres / cups
Auto-off: 60 minute(s)
Spout height: 97 - 117 mm
Black coffee brew volume: 80/120/150 ml
Design specifications
• Materials: Aluminium and plastic
• Color(s): Aluminium
Country of origin
• Country of origin: Poland
Wide range of Douwe Egberts SENSEO®
coffee pods
With more than 250 years of experience, Douwe Egberts
knows exactly how to roast and grind carefully selected
coffee beans for the best taste. So with Douwe Egberts
SENSEO® coffee pod varieties, you can be confident
you’ll get great coffee every time.
Delicious SENSEO® coffee foam layer
The proof of Douwe Egberts SENSEO® premium coffee
Modern machine design
Aluminium has been adopted by interior designers across
the world as the modern design material of choice.
Lightweight yet strong, corrosion-resistant, scratch-proof
and fingerprint-resistant, it offers many practical
advantages, as well as adding a touch of design flair to
any room. The SENSEO® New Generation Aluminium
coffee machine will be an absolute eye-catcher in your
kitchen and perfectly matches with the Philips range of
aluminium kitchen appliances.
Freshly brewed coffee at the touch
of a button
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