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Product Overview

Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series

Industry-leading technology takes performance to a new level and helps drive attractive and engaging customer experience A satisfying store experience helps create Advocates … consumers who have increased spend ing with their primary retailer by 31 percent over the last two years.


Deliver a smarter shopping experience Now more than ever, consumers are looking for differentiation when choosing their retailers. They expect a higher level of satisfaction—better service, better prices, better quality and convenience. Access to product information and fast, accurate transactions, performed by capable, informed employees are vital to a positive experience and help promote customer loyalty.

Customers will wait in line at department stores 6.2 minutes, specialty clothing stores 5.7 minutes and 3.3 minutes at a convenience store before leaving without purchasing


Highlights Same sleek, slim design

Model 580 provides Intel Core i5-3550S and 8 GB base memory

Cutting edge, infrared touchscreen with resistive touch sensitivity

1 

Energy-saving deep sleep

2 

Additional energy savings via 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

Tool free design and Toshiba Light-Path Management

1 

Advanced security features

Environment friendly packaging

Product Overview

Improve your service The Toshiba SurePOS™ 500 with Intel processor options and advanced touchscreen technology provides the ultimate point-of sale tools to deliver powerful functions that energize the customer experience. The sleek, slim Toshiba SurePOS 500 offers indus try-leading, highly accurate infrared (IR) touchscreen technology integrated into the POS system. The touchscreen never requires recalibration—avoiding costly downtime and reducing errors. The advanced technology, including a brighter, high contrast screen with adjustable touch sensitivity, helps speed transactions by improving cashier accuracy and performance. Easy to use touch screens also reduce employee training time.

The displays are totally sealed to avoid damage by liquids and soil from the store environment, making the POS ideal for food service and high traffic areas.

Toshiba IR touchscreens are available as customer displays; and they are perceived as a service enhancement when used to engage shoppers with multimedia capabilities at the checkout counter.

Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series features

Shown: Independent customer display (12”display) delivers customer information and digital, multi-media merchandising (optional) Shown: Infrared touchscreen never needs recalibration and provides a wide range of adjustment options for better viewing, including changing the angle/height of the display and adjusting the touch sensitivity, screen brightness and contrast ratio. Shown: Toshiba SurePOS 500 Model 580


Product Overview

Each $1 in energy cost saved corresponds to a $6 - $8 in overall operational savings.


Manage your risk

One-third of consumers notified of a security breach will terminate their relationship with the company they perceive responsible.


Reduce your costs The Toshiba SurePOS 500 employs highly efficient Intel processor options, including Celeron and Core i5, and an efficient power sup ply that saves on energy costs. Plus Toshiba’s innovative deep sleep, when enabled by Toshiba Remote Management Agent, can cut energy use by up to an additional 47 percent.

for an additional 11 percent.

9 6

The 80 Plus Gold Power Supply offers even greater energy savings with the potential Available Solid State Drive (SSD) options on select models provide the latest in storage technology. SSDs eliminate all moving parts and motors used in conventional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and thereby deliver faster performance while consuming less power. The Models 570 and 580 come standard with (1) 500GB SATA2 HDD, the 570 offers an upgrade to (1) 64GB or (1) 128GB SSD, as well as an optional upgrade to a 2nd 64GB SSD. The 580 offers only an upgrade to (1) 128GB SSD.

Protecting customer data—ensuring customer, password, identity and credit card information—is essential today. Physical system security and pin pads with biometric fingerprint reader are avail able. Most importantly, the latest OS security patches, software updates, firmware levels and BIOS updates can be installed auto matically via Toshiba Remote Management Agent to keep your operation up to date.

Remote management saves a firm with 75 service engineers nearly $4,000,000 annually in dispatch reduction, including transportation costs.


Toshiba Remote Management Agent provides proactive monitor ing that can dramatically reduce service costs and downtime. Aided by a tool free design and Toshiba Light-Path Management visual indicators, qualified onsite staff can perform simple maintenance tasks. Retail hardened construction helps extend service life (7 years) even in the most demanding environments.

1. Cutting edge, spill resistant, infrared touchscreen 2. Tool free design with back access 3. Toshiba Light-Path Management 4. Biometric fingerprint reader (optional) 5. Intel Celeron or Intel Core i5 processor options 6. Programmable magnetic stripe reader (MSR) (optional) 7. Retail hardened design resists damage in harsh environments 8. Audio speaker


Product Overview


Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series Technical Requirements

Hardware Product name Machine Type 4852 SurePOS 500 Models 570 and 580 Screen Processor † 15” IR Touchscreen Intel Celeron G540 (570 models) Intel Core i5-3550S (580 models) Toshiba Light-Path Management Service Processor Maximum Dimensions HxWxD In mm (inches) 382 (15.0)×359 (14.13)×253 (9.96) Weight System Memory ‡ 12.3 kg (27 lbs) 2 GB and 4GB DDR3 (570 models, up to 8 GB available) 8 GB DDR3 (580 models, up to 16 GB available) §§ Video Memory § Up to 256 MB via Intel DVMT driver Storage  Standard: Choice of HDD or Solid State Drive (SSD)  Options: Available with SSD 500 GB SATA2 HDD 64 GB SSD (option on 570 models) 128 GB SSD (option on 570, 580 models) (2nd) 64 GB SSD (w/SSD 570 models) Expansion slots Wireless Independent Dual Video USB ports RS-232 ports RJ45 Ethernet Audio Ports/Speaker Cash Drawer Port System management Power management Express Card slot Optional wireless dongle cover kit Standard 1× 24v, 1× 12v, 7× USB 2.0 (3× on front tablet) 3× std, 1× powered, MSR 1× Gigabit Mic-in/line out & headphone, speakers 2 Toshiba Remote Management Agent (RMA); SMBIOS; Wake on LAN® (WOL); Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) Deep sleep automation; APM; ACPI


Product Overview

Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series Technical Requirements

Operating systems supported** Microsoft POSReady 2009 (570 Models only); Microsoft POSReady 7; Windows 7 Professional (For Embedded Systems); Windows 7 Ultimate (For Embedded Systems); SLEPOS 11 SP3 by year end (570 Models only); Windows 8.1 Professional (570 Models only) Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2015 LTSB for Retail or Thin Clients (570, 570D Models only via RPQ) Drivers supported UPOS 1.14.1 or higher Optional peripherals PS/2 keyboard/mouse Secondary Displays Printers Keyboards Cash drawers Integration trays MSR Fingerprint reader PS2 Keyboard/Mouse Toshiba TCx™Display; Toshiba SurePoint™ Solution (touch and non-touch); Integrated 6.5” VGA display; Integrated 2×20 display; Distributed pole mounted 2×20 display; All Points Addressable Character Graphics Display Toshiba SureMark™ single station, dual station, and fiscal printers Modular CANPOS keyboards (includes 32 programmable keys) w/optional keylock and pointing device Toshiba full size and compact cash drawer Toshiba Retail Integration Tray 3-Track; JUCC Biometric fingerprint reader (Toshiba offering provided with HD coating) Services Limited warranty †† Technical support Service Availability ‡‡ For warranty terms and country coverage, please refer the Statement of Limited Warranty at: 24×7 Web Support during warranty period. 24×7 Phone support (check geography availability) Up to seven years following withdrawal from market

Trust Toshiba’s retail experience As the world’s leading provider of integrated in-store solutions and retail insights, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions delivers end-to-end solutions for checkout, consumer interactions and retail operations that unlock amazing new possibilities for our clients and shoppers everywhere. In partnership with the Together Commerce Alliance, our global business partner program, we help bring inno vation and value to every retailing experience so that you can delight your customers every day, everywhere.

Together Commerce Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for the new future of retail where retailers adapt their strategies, their stores and their technology to engage with consumers throughout the buying process in a seamless and helpful way. This collaborative approach enables retailers and customers to create mutually rewarding commerce—together 5

For more information Contact us about how the Toshiba SurePOS 500 series can create a smarter shopping experience and build a smarter operation for your business. Contact your local Toshiba representative or visit:


* For a copy of terms and conditions of Toshiba’s Statement of Limited Warranty, please go to the following TGCS website: limitedwarranty, or contact your local Toshiba representative or reseller.

† GHz refers to only microprocessor internal clock speed; many factors affect application performance ‡ MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessibility may be less § Memory supports both system and video. Accessible system memory will be the installed memory size less the amount defined for video ** With the exception of the 570, E7D, E80, E8D preload models, an operating system is not included and can be purchased separately †† For a copy of terms and conditions of Toshiba’s statement of limited warranty, contact your local Toshiba representative or reseller ‡‡ Geography dependent §§ Generally available upgrade options to 8 GB on Models 570 and 16 GB on Model 580. All are capable of a maximum of 32 GB. RPQ required.

1 Infrared touchscreen and Light-Path Management 2 Deep sleep is defined as “suspend to RAM” (random access memory), meaning the power supply is in a reduced power mode 3 The IBM Institute for Business Value Study, IBM Global Services 2008 4 Maritz Poll “Are Checkout Lines Affecting Retailers’ Bottom Lines?” 2008 5 IBM Global Business Services Study 6 IBM RSS Laboratory Results 2009 7 Forrester “Retail Technology Investment Priorities” 2009 8 IBM Global CEO Study 9 Calculated Energy Savings Based on Efficiency Differences at 50 percent Rated Load using 80 PLUS Gold versus 80 Plus Power Supply.

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