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Superb Subwoofers
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Superb Subwoofers
The Clear Voice VFL Series
From the beginning, our design strategy has been to use cutting-edge technology to create the finest sounding loudspeakers. The VFL-Series of subwoofer speakers continues this tradition of producing stellar sound, even
from the ultra low frequencies... sounds that typically have been treated as
being useful for only “thump, punch, n’ boom”. While this is an important requirement in contemporary music, there is also musical detail and color that
needs to be clearly heard and felt. The VFL series includes two models, each
using a single 18” driver; the VFL horn-loaded enclosure and the compact
VFL-jr. front-load, vented enclosure. The VFL’s horn-loaded design produces
exceptionally high SPL output, which is characteristic of this enclosure. The
added benefit is the exceptional sonic clarity, definition and uncolored quality of sound. The VFL sub is ideally suited for touring or installed systems
where high output and sonic clarity must be heard as well as felt.
The VFL-jr. packs the same exceptional sonic detail, power, and ultra low
distortion levels that are found in it’s big brother into a very small box. With
its small and compact footprint, the VFL-jr. become an excellent choice for
touring or installed systems where LF performance cannot be sacrificed
and the cabinet’s physical dimensions must remain small enough to fit into
shallow or confined spaces such as under the stage. Both speakers are
constructed from 13 ply Baltic Birch. The VFL has a tuff dura-tex finish and
stacking rails to facilitate stable assembly of subwoofer arrays. The VFL-jr
enclosures can be finished with custom colors or with the dura-tex surface.
Contact your PCSC Representative for more details: [email protected]
High Output / Sonic Clarity
More than just a “thump, punch, n’
boom”, these loudspeakers produce
stellar sound quality, even from the
ultra low frequencies.
Ideal Applications:
Touring or Installed Systems
Indoor - Large or Small
n Outdoor - Large or Small
n Auditoriums, Conference Halls
n Concert Halls and Music Venues
n Forums, Arenas, Sports Centers
n Churches / Multipurpose Rooms
n Stacking Setup, Shallow, Confined,
or Under the stage
n Limited Spaces - Small Footprint
VFL-Series Features:
Freq. Range: 28 to 150 Hz
n Two Models: each w/18” Driver
n Front loaded (VFL-jr.) or
Horn-loaded Design for
Exceptionally High SPL Output
n Ultra Low Distortion Levels
n VFL-jr. Packs Powerful Clarity
in a Small Footprint
n Exceptional Musical Fidelity Output
n 13 ply Baltic Birch Wood
n Stacking Rails for Stable Arrays
3541 CHALLENGER ST., TORRANCE, CA 90503 USA PH 800.899.PCSC or 310.303.3600
The VFL Series Technology:
The VFL-Series is an excellent companion subwoofer
loudspeaker to the Array series and SB cardioid bass
speaker systems. Configured for operation between
approximately 28 to 150 Hz. these subwoofer speakers
combine seamlessly to produce powerful, ultra fast bass
with exceptional tonal accuracy.
The VFL-Series consist of 2 model: the VFL (with one 18”
driver in a horn loaded enclosure) and the VFL-jr. (with
one 18” driver in a front load enclosure). Both of these
speakers utilize the same type of low distortion, long
throw excursion 18 inch transducer. A high pass filter at
25-30 Hz with a 24 dB/octave L/R slope is recommended
for all VFL systems.
Both VFL speakers are designed for ground arrays. The
SPL output, low frequency cutoff, and coverage patterns
are determined by the number of cabinets and their
physical placement. Refer to the following chart for performance specifications. Actual output is subject to environmental and atmospheric conditions and may vary
from the published specification.
VFL Specifications
Number of Transducers
Omnidirectional; 90° at 100 Hz/ w/4 boxes
placed side-by-side
Omnidirectional; 90° at 100 Hz/ w/4 boxes
placed side-by-side
Horizontal Dispersion
Vertical Dispersion
Power Handling Capacity per
1,200 watts RMS
1,200 watts RMS
107 dB 1w/1m
95 dB 1w/1m
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
4 Ohms
Weight per Speaker
190 lbs.
80 lbs.
14.3 x 14.3 x 22
19.89 x 19.89 x 26.30
High Pass at 25 Hz; 24 dB-LR slope
High Pass at 30 Hz,; 24 dB-LR slope
X’over freq. between VFL & SB-412C =
70-100 Hz; 24 dB -LR slope
X’over freq. between VFL-jr. & SB-212C =
70-100 Hz; 24 dB -LR slope
Speaker Sensitivity
Dimension per Speaker
H x W x D in Inches
High Pass Filter
Recommended X’over when
combined with SB-Series
cardoid bass speakers
Input & Thru Connector
Optional Accessories
Speakon NL4 x 2; 1+ & 2+ wired in parallel, 1- & 2- wired in parallel
Casters for VFL enclosure, Heavy duty protective pull-over covers for VFL. Caster board
for VFL-jr., System DSP (preloaded with processing parameters), Amplification, Speaker cables
Contact your PCSC Representative for more details: [email protected]
3541 CHALLENGER ST., TORRANCE, CA 90503 USA PH 800.899.PCSC or 310.303.3600
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