Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter
 Bluetooth Adapter
Now with improved voice quality - for the same price More safety,
Because your eyes stay on the road, full concentration while driving.
More understanding
through mobile telephony with the rest of the world.
More fun to drive,
profit from the advantages by by connecting to the baehr communications
universal interface.
More comfort,
wirelessly, with Bluetooth wireless technology means the mobile phone stays
in your pocket.
More time
by pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled navigation device. Voice guidance gets
you directly to your destination.
More entertainment,
because you will never miss a telephone invitation to the next party.
Welcome to baehr
We are pleased that you have chosen the baehr Phone Adapter .
Now soon you will belong to a group of motorcyclists who do not want to be without the state of the art
communication technology of a baehr system.
But first, please familiarize yourself with the system and only then start the installation and the first test drive.
Warning: Observe all safety instructions and read this manual carefully and completely.
Unpacking / delivery
Warnings and Safety
Mounting to the motorcycle
Wiring diagram
Questions & Answers
Check the package contents and item delivery :
In the cover of the box you will find the packing list. Each position should be checked off in a box ! If anything
is missing, please contact your dealer immediately .
Warnings and Safety
Do not let phone calls , radio calls, navigation prompts , etc. .. , Discussions with the
Passenger or the music distract you while driving !
For your own safety and the safety of others on the road when you are traveling , it is imperative that driving
and control over your motorcycle is more important than anything else.
Use the system only if it is absolutely safe to do so.
Adjust system volume and the the devices attached to it in such manner that you can at any time hear traffic
noise, and warning sounds of other road users (particularly the police and the emergency services) . Volume
settings that prevent this, according to the German Road Traffic Regulations (Highway Code) are not allowed.
In addition, your hearing can be permanently damaged by excessive volume.
In some countries it is forbidden to make calls while driving , please observe the respective national
Never attempt to call someone while driving .
When you are called , you reduce speed and maintain if possible for the duration of the telephone call.
Use the system only on motorcycles with 12V . Replace defective fuses only with replacement fuses of the
same amperage .
For your own safety only use original accessories and spare parts made by baehr !
Please also consider the safety instructions of the communication system you are expanding.
For more information and latest updates check
Installation on motorcycle
When developing your baehr communication system product longevity has been a prime concern. Especially
when mounted on the bike you can do a lot to support this even more .
Therefore try to find the most protected and easily accessible spot on the motorcycle when mounting the
controller. (such as under a seat, inside rear valance , or under the side skirts etc.)
The system will give you many years of enjoyment if you do not expose the control unit to excessive heat , do
not mount it directly in the path of spraying water , and keep maximum possible distances from other (
especially magnetic ) loads such as Ignition coils , alternators, ABS control units , thick wiring harnesses etc. .
Lay all cables so that they do not get crushed or bent , compressed or stretched . Also check the turn radius in
the spring as well as suspension travel under load and with body weight on the seat bench.
Route the cables of your baehr communication system and then mount according to their installation
Connection to 12V power system power:
The baehr PhoneAdapter is connected in series with
the power supply of your baehr communication
system (please note connection instructions baehr
To do this, disconnect the power supply of the
communication system on the connector (A).
Now connect the socket of the Phone Adapter power
connector (B1) with the plug of the power connector
(A1) of the communication system.
Connect the other plug of the PhoneAdapter power
connector (B2) to the socket of the power supply (A2)
of the communication system
If you are not sure, ask your baehr dealer!
For more information and latest updates check
Connecting to a communications system
Connecting the Phone Adapter with a baehr communication system is done via the universal interface.
To connect, insert the 6-pin. socket of the PhoneAdapter into the 6-pin. (please note instruction manual!) plug
of the universal interface of your baehr communication system.
Connection diagram SGB 03-00 Control unit of the BPU-03-00)
The attachment of the control device may, for example take place with the supplied industrial Velcro. The
excellent adhesive strength of this assembly aid is only achieved if the appropriate place is clean and free of
grease on the bike, so before attaching the Velcro, thoroughly clean with methylated spirits
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Operation of the baehr PhoneAdapter
The baehr Phone Adapter is a Bluetooh interface design for expansion of a baehr communication system. By
using it, it is possible to wirelessly pair a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or navigation device with a baehr
communication system. The cconnected baehr communication system then works just like a device attached
to the phone or navigation device headset.
Technical principles
The digital Bluetooth wireless transmission provides interference- free wireless data transmission in the
vicinity of a Master (baehr PhoneAdapter) and its slave (mobile phone or navigation device).
The data transmission is encrypted and is defined when connecting the device ( pairing) . Once Connected
together, the devices automatically find each other, when turned back on, until another device is paired to the
master or slave .
In principle, all mobile phones and navigation devices which support Bluetooth 1.1 or higher and use the
Handsfree protocol support. Some mobile phones and navigation devices however even though they have a
Bluetooth interface, do not support the handsfree protocol for speech output or are not compatible with the
hands-free protocol. So it may be that a small number of devices will not work with the baehr Phone adapter.
Via the Phone adapter , a Bluetooth device can be connected , preferably a navigation device . Other devices ,
such as Phone , etc. can then be coupled via the navigation device.
On and off
The baehr Phone Adapter is ready at the same time with your baehr communication system.
Please familiarize yourself first with the instructions for use of the unit, which you want to use to connect to
the baehr Phone Adapter. Especially important are a skilled handling in connection to other Bluetooth devices
and all menu settings of the Bluetooth interface on your phone.
To start the pairing process , press (for more than 1.5 seconds) the pairing button on the baehr Phone
Adapter . The adapter will now for 2 minutes search for devices that want to connect. Within this period you
have the option to connect your mobile phone or navigation system to the baehr Phone Adapter . During the
search , the status LED of the baehr Phone adapter flashes quickly. While attempting to connect, you will be
prompted on your mobile phone or navigation system to enter a PIN code, which is the baehr Phone Adapter
0000 . After successful connection of the two devices to each other , the status LED flashes rhythmically .
An incoming call to the mobile phone will be automatically answered by the baehr Phone Adapter. This is
announced by a previously sounding signal. The call acceptance is mandatory and can not be prevented.
Termination of the call happens automatically after the caller has hung up.
The volume of your conversation can be adjusted on your mobile phone. How loud you are talking to the caller
is set via the universal interface of your baehr communication system.
Do not adjust while driving!
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My phone does not find the baehr PHONE
adapter in pairing mode.
- Mobile phone and adapter are not within the Bluetooth radio
range (about 5 meters) - Pairing process is not started within 2
- Baehr Phone adapter has no power (ignition motorcycle, etc.
- Battery of the phone s is empty
- baehr Phone adapter has no power (ignition motorcycle, etc.
Call is interrupted.
- (not all baehr communication systems) check priority list of
connected universal interface.
Phone calls are no longer accepted
Automatic answer turned off on phone.
Voice navigation device is too loud or too
On GARMIN zumo you can not adjust the "rubberized keys" left
on the navigation device contains the volume! Please use the
menu in the basic settings on the "touch screen". The volume +
- buttons on the true baehr Phone Adapter adjust the volume in
the zumo, but the zumo does not save the change, alas!
No volume control possible
Press the desired function button, wait briefly and repeat this
process until the desired volume is reached - The desired
function button on the Phone Adapter (+ / button).
No connection to my Tom Tom Rider!
Go When connecting to Tom Tom Rider on "Head set
connection" and confirm with "OK".
Can not find any head-set?
Check the power supply from the BPU and if not power. Search
Again and "Yes" to confirm.
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