Floating iPad Cart Instruction Sheet

Floating iPad Cart Instruction Sheet
Teacher Information and Tips for iPad Carts
• Make sure the iPad cart is padlocked when not in use, especially when you leave the
room and overnight.
• Have a plan for signing out iPads to students. It’s up to you to track who is using each
iPad throughout the unit. It is recommended that students be assigned the same iPad
each day.
• When returning iPads to the cart, match up iPad number to the correct slot in the cart.
It is strongly recommended that YOU facilitate the turn in/plug in process, not your
• Check all iPad connections and cart power source to ensure charging overnight.
• Clean screens only with a microfiber cloth; no glass cleaner or any other liquids.
• Have a plan for getting student work off the iPad when you’re finished. Think about
using cloud storage such as DropBox, Google Docs or Edmodo. Once the iPad cart is
turned in, you or the student will no longer have access to student work.
Rules for Student iPad Use
Teachers: Please go over these rules at the beginning of your iPad unit. It is up to you
to ensure that your students are using the iPads in an appropriate and safe manner!
• Always carry the iPad with two hands.
• Keep iPad away from food, liquid and other messy substances (ie. glue, science
chemicals, etc.).
• Do not put pressure on the iPad screen or stack heavy items (ie. textbooks) on top.
• Do not use the camera unless you have teacher permission as part of your project.
• Stay out of system preferences. You should not be changing the wallpaper or
customizing the iPad in any way.
• Do not take the iPad out of its protective case.
• Do not remove stickers or labels.
• Never delete an app!
• All other rules for school-appropriate computer use will apply to iPads.
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