Floor Stand Accessory Manual

Floor Stand Accessory Manual
Floor Stand Accessory Manual
Grille fixing screw
4mm Allen key for grille screw
Unit bracket assembly
Spike washer
Unit fixing screw
Spike nut
Unit fixing washer
Rubber foot
Floor stand
Step one: Satellite fixing bracket
Using the bracket, screws and lock washers fix the
unit bracket assembly to the base of the satellite;
taking care to locate the two locating pins at the
front of the bracket into the holes in the base of
the casting.
Step two: Cable Management
Ensure that the audio system amplifier is switched off
and then feed the speaker cable up through the column
of the stand. Prepare the speaker cable by stripping a
6mm (3/4 inch) of insulation and connect to the relevant
terminal on the base of the satellite unit.
The positive conductor (marked with line, text print or
raised rib) connects to the terminal with the red insert
ring while the negative cable goes to the terminal
marked with the black insert.
Step three: Satellite fitting to stand
Locate the satellite into the cradle of the floor stand,
ensuring that the speaker cable is carefully routed to
avoid damage, before using the remaining screws and
lock washers to fully secure the unit.
If no grille is to be used, cover the fixing screws with
the coloured trim piece by locating the pins on the
trim into the holes on the stand and pressing into
the recess.
Step four: Grille fitting
If intending to use the grille you
must remove the coloured trim
piece using the finger recess
behind the trim and locate the
bottom section of the grille into
the recess on the stand. Use the
4mm Allen driver to insert
chrome screw to secure the grille
in place.
The grille is designed to stand
off from the front baffle of the
satellite so do not over tighten
the screw.
Step five: spike fitting – carpeted floors
Thread the nuts and washers onto the spikes and screw into
each of the four threaded inserts on the base. Adjust the spikes
to level the stand and then tighten the lock nuts.
Return the stand to the upright position in the desired location.
To achieve optimum performance press firmly down to ensure
the spikes penetrate the carpet and contact the floor.
Step five: rubber feet –
wooden or tiled floors
To avoid damage to sensitive floor
surfaces the spikes should not be used.
Instead, the supplied rubber feet should
be placed over the threaded inserts.
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