The Aver U15 documen..

The Aver U15 documen..
The Aver U15 document camera is versatile as both a document camera and a webcam with built in mic.
Auto Focus
The camera head has a button with a camera icon on it for taking digital pictures with the Aver U15. Just
press the camera button to snap a picture. The LED button will turn on small LED lights that surround
the camera lens. This can enhance the visibility of items being shown with the document camera as well
as be useful when video conferencing to light the speaking subject. The AF button is the auto focus, to
automatically adjust
the focus for a clear
You can record
video with the U15
document camera
using the onboard
application called
If you do not find
the Sphere icon on
the desktop go to
the Start Button>All Programs>Aver Information Inc.>Sphere.
With the Aver U15 connected to a computer via the USB port, open the Sphere application. At the top
menu you will see the record button.
Press the Record icon to begin recording video of what the document camera is showing. The Record
icon will change to Stop Recording when you begin recording. Click the Stop Recording to end your video
When you Click to Stop recording, a publishing dialog box will automatically display. Give the video file a
Filename, and Title then select one of the publishing platforms for upload.
Note that you must have
a free account with one
of the publishing
platforms to complete
the process. You cannot
just save to a file on
your computer.
Using the Aver U15 as a webcam for Video Conferencing
The Aver U15 can be used for video conferencing in the classroom. The camera head, which normally is
facing down, must be rotated backwards and looped to appear upside down.
LED Lights
Camera Lens
The camera lens should be facing the speaking subject(s) and it is a good idea to turn on the LED lights
that surround the lens to get the best possible lighting.
Now you are ready to open your web conferencing application.
Go To Meeting:
When entering a meeting the Waiting for Organizer window will display. Select Internet call and then
click the test your audio setup link.
Select Audio from the left hand
navigation. Under the Microphone setup
click the dropdown arrow and from the
menu select “Desktop Microphone
(Avervision). This will use the microphone
on the Aver U15 camera head to record
what the speaker is saying. Speak a few
words and you will see the gauge next to
the little microphone icon in the display
box move with the speaking voice.
Next select Webcam from the left
navigation window.
Under Select a camera in the dialog box
that displays select AVerVision U15. Once
you make that selection the camera on
the document camera will display what is
in front of the camera.
If the image is upside down it is because
you did not rotate the camera head
Click OK and you are ready to video
Skype Video Conferencing:
Login to your Skype account. If you do not have a Skype account can create a free account at
Select Tools from the menu bar and then select Options…
Select Audio Settings
from the left
navigation and select
AverVision for the
microphone from the
dropdown menu.
Select Video Settings from the left navigation in the Options dialog box.
From the Select Webcam
dropdown menu select the
AverVision U15 camera.
Once you make that
selection the camera on the
document camera will
display what is in front of the
Then click Save.
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