VDIR390035 - Schneider Electric

VDIR390035 - Schneider Electric
Product data sheet
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LexCom Home Essential - THD Pack
LexCom Home
Range of product
LexCom Home
Product name
LexCom Home Essential
Device short name
THD Pack
Product or component type
Network enclosure
Product specific application
Distribution of TV, data and telephone on each RJ45 sockets, automatic patching
Device composition
1 grid structure
1 coaxial splitter
1 earth terminal block
3 socket-outlet
3 FIX box
5 FIX cable
2 FIX DIN rail
8 FIX RJ45 modular support
1 Resi9 enclosure
2 Resi9 universal support
1 DIN rail 240 mm
1 DIN rail 101 mm
1 DTI + telephone splitter 4 ways + ADSL filter 1 way
2 patch cords
2 telephone patch cords 300 mm
1 telephone patch cords 500 mm
8 RJ45 connector
Enclosure type
Resi9 enclosure 13 modules 3 row(s)
Splitter type
Telephone : 1 telephone input RJ45
Telephone : 4 telephone outputs RJ45
Telephone : 1 ADSL output RJ45
TV : 4 coaxial outputs
Number of power socket outlets
3 x 230 V 16 A
Number of port
Connector 8 ports
Connector type
RJ45 Cat. 6 STP Actassi S-one
Type of cable
Double patch cord RJ45 / RJ45 (x 2)
Single patch cord RJ45 / RJ45, 300 m (x 2)
Jul 26, 2017
Single patch cord RJ11 / RJ45, 500 m (x 1)
Product compatibility
DTIO LexCom Home to fix on DIN rail
ADSL box
Ethernet switch LexCom Home to fix on grid
500 mm
112 mm
252 mm
Product weight
3 kg
EN 50083
Product certifications
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