Philips HD3620 Datasheet

Philips HD3620 Datasheet
Philips PerfectDraft
Home draft system
Fresh, cold draft beer at home
Your favourite draft beer
• Available in a variety of preferred beer brands
Freshest taste
• 30 days fresh beer, 3°C cold
The perfect experience
• Real taphandle, metal 6L kegs
Cooling for perfect quality
• LCD display with temperature, volume & freshness indication
• Robust design, solid insulation
Clean and simple
• Opens on the front, easy to change your kegs
• Hygienic installation, tube delivered with each new keg
• Removable dishwasher proof driptray
• Easy to remove the tap handle (child safe)
Home draft system
Product highlights
Logistic data
Design specifications
Technical data
Variety of beer brands
Personalize the appliance to your favourite beer brand
with a variety of medallions to put on the handle. New
medaillions will be available in the webshop.
Kegs for use in the system (not included)
Temperature, volume, freshness indication
The temperature indicator shows you when your beer is
at the ideal drinking temperature of 3ºC. The volume
level indicator shows you how much beer is left in the keg.
The beer freshness indicator shows you how long your
beer will still keep it freshness.
• Color: Black with chrome and real metal accents.
• Cooling time at room temperature (23ºC):
Between 12-15 hour(s)
• Max operating temperature: 32 °C
Dimensions and weight
• Product dimensions incl handle and
driptray(WxHxD): 286 x 444 x 493 mm
• Weight: 8320 g
• CTV: 8823 620 20000
Max power: 70 W
Voltage: 200-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Flow rate: 2 l/min
Max operating pressure: 1,5 bar
• Volume: 6 l
• Dimensions (HxDiameter): 273 x 199 mm
• Weight: Empty 1200, Full 7200 g
Issue date 2007-12-17
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