Philips Professional Facial Sauna HP5241

Philips Professional Facial Sauna HP5241
Philips Facial Sauna
Professional Facial Sauna
Extra aroma diffuser with herbs and oils
Visasauna Pro
Professional facial at home
The Visasauna Pro provides a professional facial sauna at home. Warm steam opens
pores to clean skin thoroughly for a radiant and beautiful skin.
Intensive facial cleaning care
• Gently opens the pores
Focused steaming
• Effective steaming results
Easy to use
• Optimal heating
• Personalised aromatherapy treatment
Professional Facial Sauna
Product highlights
Technical Specifications
• Voltage: 100-240 V
• Frequency: 50-60 Hz
• Cord Length: 180 cm
• EAN F-box: 87 10103 145493
• EAN A-box: 87 10103 145509
Weight and dimensions
Logistic data
Dimensions: 800x1200 mm
Quantity: 210,
Number of carton per layer: 5
Number of layers: 7
• Dimensions fancy box: 223x210x170 mm
• A-box dimensions: 682x356x226 mm
Deeply cleanses
Soothing warm steam opens the pores and increases the
blood circulation to perfectly prepare the skin for any
beauty treatment.
Ergonomical steaming mask
The shaped mask follows the contours of the face to
focus steam on face providing effective steaming results.
Convenient to operate
Water heats up and steam starts to rise from the
appliance after 5 minutes.
Extra aroma diffuser with herbs and oils
Pamper yourself at home with the personalised and
convenient aromatherapy treatment. The aroma is
optimally diffused directly by the steam.
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